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De bello Gallico (Vocabulary for Bk IV Chpts 27-30)

fuga -ae, f. = flight; retreat
fugo (1) = to put to flight, rout
polliceor (dep.) polliceri/pollicitus sum = to promise
simul (adv.) = at once, at the same time
simul atque = as soon as
supero (1) = to be superior to; conquer
confero conferre/contuli/collatus = to collect; ascribe to; compare
culpa -ae, f. = blame, fault, guilt
egredior (dep.) egredi/egressus sum = to come forth, depart; march out
mandatum -i, nt. = order, mandate; message
interea (adv.) = in the meantime, meanwhile
obses obsidis, m/f = hostage; pledge, security
queror (dep.) queri/quertus sum = to complain, lament
undique (adv.) = on all sides, everywhere
lenis -e = gentle, mild, smooth
solvo -ere/solvi/solutus = to loosen, untie (with or without naves = to set sail)
supra (adv.) = before
tollo tollere/sustuli/sublatus = to lift up; destroy
coorior (dep.) cooriri/coortus sum = to arise, spring up
occasus -us/m. = falling down, setting (with solis = sunset; the west)
proveho provehere/provexi/provectus = to carry forward; (pass.) to be carried forward, sail
unde (adv.) = from which place, whence
adfligo adfligere/adflixi/adflictus = to strike against; damage, injure
aestus -us, m. = tide
efficio -ere/effeci/effectus = to make or do completely; cause
facultas facultatis, f. = power; opportunity; resources
complures -a (pl.) = several, many; a great many
desum deesse/defui/--- = to be lacking, be absent from
hiems hiemis, f. = winter
reficio -ere/refeci/refectus = to repair
commeatus -us, m. = voyage; provisions
exiguitas exiguitatis, f. = scantiness, shortness
intellego -ere/intellegi/intellectus = to select; understand; perceive; find out
paucitas paucitatis, f. = fewness, small number
clam (adv.) = secretly
intercludo -ere/interclusi/interclusus = to shut/close off
paulatim (adv.) = little by little, gradually
rursus (adv.) = again, back; in turn
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