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Section 3and4 quiz

Mrs.H class

Intrusive Igneous rock is.. Rock that forms below the surface
Extrusive Igneous Rock forms... Above the surface
Pluton Large; Irregular
Batholiths Largest igneous formation
Stocks Smallest igneous formation
Dikes Formed in sheets across other already formed rocks
Sills Parallel to already formed rock;Sheet like
Fossiliferous Limestone has rains of____ Seas Animals
Fossiliferous Limestone is formed from cemented together and formed from coral and mollusks
The main chemical component in fossiliferous limestone is Carbonate
What is carbonates symbol CaCO3
What is a type of organic Sedimentary rock? coal
What is coal formed from Plant materials are buried beneath years of sediment
What changes the deposit of coal? Heat and pressure
What is the arrangement of sedimentary rock in layers Stratification
Strata is individual layers of sedimentary rock
What does the strata very upon? size, kind, and color
reveal the direction of wind on sand dunes Ripple marks
Bentonite is formed from what material clay
What is made of very fine silicate crystals and used widely in the industry Bentonites
What happens when water is added to bentonite Expands 300 percent
What does meta do Change
What does Morphos do Shape
What does shale do Gneis
What is the definition of Metamorphic rock structure, texture, or composition has changed
When rock is heated by nearby magma Contact Metamorphic
What rock endures intense pressure Regional Metamorphism
When pieces of Earth's crust collide with each other what happens? Regional Metamorphism
Mineral that form only in metamorphic rock at certain temps. and pressures are Index
Created by: Emmalou2