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latin vocab section5

vocab for section 5, latin 1 2012-2013

actor actor
turba crowd
femina woman
puella girl
iuvenes young men
otiosi lazy
quieta quiet
ad theatrum to the theater
contendunt they hurry
clamor shout, uproar
agricola farmer
nauta sailor
petunt head for, seek
pastor shephard
de monte down from the mountain
per through
porta gate
ruit rushes
nuntius messenger
fabulam play, story
fabulam dat is putting on a play
uxor wife
manet remains, stays
euge! hurrah!
adsunt are here
semisomnus half-asleep
puer boy
tu facis you make
clamorem a noise
tu vexas you annoy
fabulam agunt act in a play
tu dicis you say
omnes all
mea columba my dove
deliciae meae my darling
abest is out
multi many
spectator spectator
tandem at last
in scaena on stage
plaudit applaud, clap
subito suddenly
funambulus tightrope walker
nemo no one
cavea seating area
Odeon a smaller, more elegant, roofed theater
orchestra area in front of the stage
scaena stage, scene
Created by: 2017jis