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7th STAAR Unit 1-4

STAAR vocabulary for Units 1-4

Preventative Safety Equipment Equipment, such as goggles, used to prevent accidents from happening in the lab
Emergency Safety Equipment Equipment, such as fire blankets or eye washes, used when there is an emergency in the lab
Procedures Steps to follow
Photosynthesis The process where plants transform radiant energy from the sun in to chemical energy in glucose
Chlorophyll The pigment that gives plants it's green color.
Stomata The place on a plant where gas exchange takes place
Transpiration Plants release water vapor into the atmosphere
Chloroplast the part of a plants cell where photosynthesis takes place
Glucose A simple sugar made by plants during photosynthesis
Trophic Level A level in a food web where all organisms have the same role
biomass the total amount of living organisms (plants and animals) in an area
Producer organisms that make their own food through photosynthesis
Consumer Organisms that must eat other organisms to get energy
Decomposer organisms that break down dead plants and animals and put nutrients back into the soil
Respiration The process where plants turn glucose into usable energy
Turgor Pressure The amount of fluid in plant cells that give a plant its stiffness
Geotropism A plants response to gravity
Work A force acting through a distance (causing movement)
Joule A unit of measurement for work
Newton A unit of measurement for Force
Catastrophic Event An event, such as a hurricane or tornado, that causes extensive damage to ecosystems and humans
drought A long period of little to no rainfall
Earthquake Faults in the earth collide and release pressure
tsunami A very large wave caused by an earthquake in the ocean
flood A large amount of water filling or moving in areas beyond where it normally would be
hurricane An ocean storm with violent winds and rain
Tornado a destructive funnel of violently rotating winds
Volcano A mountain or hill with an opening where lava can escape
Wildfire a large, destructive fire that spreads quickly
Ecoregion an area that has similar land, soil, and species characteristics
weathering The breaking down of rocks
erosion The carrying away from sediments
deposition The dropping of sediments after they have been carried a distance
processes actions or steps
reshape shape differently; change
Environment An area with both living and non living components
watershed An area where waters from different areas flow in to a larger body of water
aquifer a permeable rock area below ground which can carry water
groundwater water underground
porosity the ability to absorb fluids
permeability the ability to allow liquids to flow through
percolation The slow movement of liquid through an object
pollution the introduction of something that is poisonous or harmful to an environment
infiltration small groups or things moving into an area
Created by: bms7team