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CFD Pharmacology 2

Biotel Drugs: Calcium Chloride -

Calcium Chloride - Class Electrolyte
Calcium Chloride - Route IV or IO push; slow push in live patients - 1mL/minute.
Calcium Chloride - Adult Dose 10-15mg/kg of a 10% solution IV/IO push.
Calcium Chloride - Pediatric Dose BIOTEL AUTHORIZATION ONLY: 10-15 mg/kg of a 10% solution IV/IO push.
Calcium Chloride - Drug Action Balances hyperkalemia. Increases myocardial contractile force and ventricular automaticity. Aids in the re-entry of calcium into muscle when given for calcium channel blocker or magnesium sulfate toxicity.
Calcium Chloride - Onset and Duration Onset: 5-15 minutes. Duration: Dose dependent (effects may persist 4 hours after IV administration)
Calcium Chloride - Indications Known or suspected hyperkalemic cardiac arrest (renal failure). Calcium channel blocker toxicity (bradycardia or hypotension). Magnesium sulfate toxicity.
Calcium Chloride - Precautions Start IV in the antecubital fossa to lower risk of infiltration. While administering, continually check IV/IO site for patency and signs/symptoms of infiltration. Do not mix with sodium bicarbonate. Inform Biotel before administering if pt takes digitalis
Calcium Chloride - Side Effects Tissue necrosis if it infiltrates. Forms precipitate if given with sodium bicarbonate. Causes digitalis toxicity if administered to patient on digitalis. With rapid infusion or overdose: bradycardia, hypotension and asystole.
Calcium Chloride - Contraindications No contraindications.
Dextrose 50% - Class Carbohydrate
Dextrose 50% - Route IV or IO, slow push (to prevent infiltration)
Dextrose 50% - Adult Dose 25 grams to 50 grams - standing order.
Dextrose 50% - Pediatric Dose 0.5 grams per kg of body weight - standing order, diluted as follows: Newborn - 1 mo: dilute D50 1:4, administer 5mL/kg of the new D10 solution. 1 mo - 12 years: dilute D50 1:1, administer 2mL/kg of the new D25 solution.
Dextrose 50% - Drug Action Increases blood glucose levels.
Dextrose 50% - Onset and Duration Onset - 1 minute. Duration - Depends on the degree of hypoglycemia.
Dextrose 50% - Indications Altered mental status or seizure caused by hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia in adults is defined as: Diabetics - BGL <110. Non-diabetics - BGL <80. Hypoglycemia in Children: Diabetics - BGL <90, non-diabetics - BGL <60. Also indicated for coma w/unknown cause.
Dextrose 50% - Precautions Start IV in the antecubital fossa to lower risk of infiltration. Continually check site for patency and signs of infiltration. Contact biotel for hypoglycemia in the pt with head trauma or ICP.
Dextrose 50% - Side Effects Tissue necrosis with infiltration.
Dextrose 50% - Contraindications No Contraindications
Diazepam -
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