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Other points

fluconazole w or wo food
ketoconazole wash hands before & after applying
acyclovir w or wo food
valacyclovir w or wo food
nystatin swish and spit, or swish and swallow susp after shaking well
allopurinol with meals, increase fluids, iron uptake may be increased
pregabalin no alcohol, w or wo food, schedule V
latanoprost use in pm, adminsiter 5 mn apart from any other eye drops, contacts removed before drops, wait 15 mn before reinserted
cheratussin AC full glass water, may need to take with food, schedule V
mupirocin may be covered with gauze
phentermine with weight loss program, before breakfast, not in pm, schedule CIV
chlorhexidine gluconate rinse with 15mL for 30 sec, spit. nothing to eat for 2-3 hr
hydroxyzine avoid alcohol, may potential narcotics
prednisone take in am, avoid alcohol, inhibits Ca absorption, limit caffeine- long term therapy may have serious effects: growth suppression, mood changes, secondary infections, cataracts, psych changes, osteoporosis
methylprednisolone take in am, avoid alcohol, inhibits Ca absorption, limit caffeine, take with food, watch exposure to chic pox, measles
triamcinolone apply thin film, wash hands before and after, avoid sensitive skin, may take 1 week to see optimal effects, watch for vision changes, , shake bottle well, no nose blow for 15 mn
clobetasol wash hands before and after, skin should not be covered after application, not on face, groin, or armpits
clotrimazole/betamethasone wash hands before and after, small amount, thin layer, no tight clothes or dressing
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