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Top 200-11 AE

Adverse Effects

fluconazole HA, N, abd pain
ketoconazole burning, stinging, dry skin
acyclovir malaise, N, HA
valacyclovir HA, N, nasopharyngitis, rash
nystatin N, V, D, stomach pain
allopurinol D, N
pregabalin DZ, edema, somnolence
latanoprost eyelash changes, eyelid skin darkening, iris pigmentation changes
cheratussin AC DW, N, C, V
mupirocin burning, stinging, pain
phentermine DZ, C, HTN
chlorhexidine gluconate toothache, URI, HA
hydroxyzine DZ, DW, xerostomia
prednisone HA, fluid retention, occular changes
methylprednisolone fluid/electrolyte imbalance, musc weakness, HA, occular changes
triamcinolone dryness, burning, irritation
clobetasol burning, stinging, itching, irritation
clotrimazole/betamethasone stinging, burning, itching, dry skin
Created by: steponmegrace