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Africa/SW Asia Terms

Anthony's vocabulary words for North Africa and SW Asia

OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
hieroglyphics Egyptian writing system using pictures and symbols to represent words or sounds
monotheism belief in one god
desalination the removal of salt from sea water to make it useable for drinking and farming
Hebrew member of one of the Jewish tribes of ancient times
nationalism belief in the right of each people to be an independent nation
Ziggurat large step-like temple of mud brick built in anceint Mesopotamia
petrochemical chemical product derived from petroleam
aquifer underground water-bearing layers of porous rock, sand or gravel
Aswan High Dam giant dam in southeastern Egypt on the Nile
terrorism act of terrorizing, use of terror, violence or intimidation
Koran the sacred book of the Muslims containing the religious and moral code of Islam
Bible Christian holy book
Wadi in a desert, a streambed that is dry except during a heavy raing
phosphate a chemical compound often used in fertalizers
cereal any grain such as barley, oats or wheat grown for food
cuneiform Sumerian writing system using wedged shaped symbols pressed into clay tablets
quanat underground canals used in water systems of ancient Persians
prophet person believed to be a messenger from God
suq an enclosed marketplace in the region of North Africa and southwest Africa
oasis small area in a desert where water and vegitation are found because of underground springs
mosque in Islam, a house of public worship
bedouin member of the nomadic desert peoples of North Africa and Southwest Asia
refinery place or establishment where some crude substances such as petroleum, sugar, or grain is broken down and its usable components are extracted for purification
Torah the Jewish holy book
nomad describing a way of life in which a group travel from place to place rather than establishing a permanent settlement
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