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act.12-23 DMS7

activitys 12-23, science, DMS, 7th grade, Mrs. Toth

natural resources materials that are found on earth and are used by people
renewable something that is commonly found and used, can be used over and over again
nonrenewable harder to find, more valuable, worth more money, harder to get, might be older
Crystal shape the shape of the crystal example: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, and rhombohedron
luster how shinny an object is
property observations like the one you made con be used to identify different minerals
transparency property of weather an item can be seen through
Octahedron 8 sides and each side is a triangle
fluorite a non-living solid found naturally on earth it is made of calcium and fluorine atoms arranged in crystalline structure
crystalline structure specific set of atoms that are arranged in a repeating pattern, in the right environment, minerals form large crystals because they have this
geologist people who study rocks, minerals, and other non-living parts of the earth
mineral non-living materials that are found naturally on earth, normally hard, has structure
rock made of minerals, some of these minerals are harder to find, although others are very common and easy to find
igneous forms when magma cools
magma the heat/melted rocks that when this cools it turns into an igneous rock
metamorphic high heat and/or high pressure of the Earth
sedimentary sediments ( tiny rock pieces ) cementing together
rock cycle how one type of rock becomes another
sediment parts of rocks, shells, and dead organisms that have been worn down into small pieces, by the effects of wind and water
trade off something that you do that results in something else to happen; we bought a mined rock, but it costs more
________________ rocks can contain fossils sedimentary
In __________________ rocks, you can see bands metamorphic
______________ rocks can be smooth or glassy or there are large visible crystals that can can be seen by the human eye Igneous
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