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NP CH 24 CCC 105

NP Chapter 24 CCC PN105

When diagnostic tests are ordered, the nurse should (4 things) Assess patient knowledge; Determine special nursing measures for patient safety; Assess wounds; Assess patient allergies
What allergy can indicate potential allergic reaction to iodine, used in medication, diagnostic tests, and wound cleaning? shellfish
Hematology is The study of blood and its components
CBC means complete blood count
CBC can help determine information about the state of health or presence of illness
Hematocrit (HCT) measures the separate of blood and the amount of blood cells in relation to the amount of plasma
Hemoglobin (Hgb) measures the capacity of blood to transport O2 from lungs to tissues
HCT normal range 37-54 mL/dL
Hgb normal range 12-18 g/dL
Platelets (PLT) are essential to blood clotting
Platelet normal range 150,000-400,000/mm2
Where is blood glucose testing commonly performed? at patient bedside or in physician office by nurse
What does blood glucose level determine? Amount of insulin therapyh for diabetics
Blood glucose testing varies depending upon... manufacturer guidlines for equipment
To test blood glucose levels, nurse will fingerstick patient to obtain capillary blood
Blood Glucose normal range 70-100
Blood glucose testing procedure have patient hang chosen hand downward; follow manufacturer directions for setting lancet and test strip; skin should be pierced deeply enough to provide free blood flow with little pressure; lightly squeeze finger and apply blood drop to test strip
Urinalysis testing determines iinformation about kidney function or other body functions and diseases
Urine should be tested quickly after collection because... urine deteriorates quickly
Urine composition varies depending upon... fluid intake and diet
Urine specimens are classified as (3 types) Single, cathetherized, or random; Midstream; Timed, long-period
To perform this type of urine collection: external genitalia are cleansed, small amount of urine is passed, and urine is collected midvoiding in sterile container Midstream urine specimen
Midstream urine specimens are used for urine cultures when a bladder infection is suspected
To perform this type of urine collection: collected of 12- or 24-hr period and container must be kept on ice or preserved Timed, long-period urine specimen
Timed, long-period urine specimens are used for determining kidney function and possible glomrulonephritis or acute tubular necrosis
For all urinalysis, this information is needed where obtained (clean catch, cath, patient self, etc)
Bacteriology tests blood, urine, feces, wound drainage, and other body fluids or tissues to identify disease-causing organisms
Aseptic technique must be used for which bacteriology tests? culture and sensitivity
Histology is the study of tissues
Cytology is the study of cells
Histology and Cytology tests more commonly include biopsies
Ultrasonography is record of the reflection of sound waves directed into tissues
Ultrasounds diagnose pathologic condtions of the... uterus, ovaries, prostate, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, lymph nodes, thyroid, eyes, and peripheral blood vessels
Ultrasounds are often used in conjunction with nuclear medicine scans
Types of radiology procedures (3 types) x-rays, fluroscopy, cineradiography
x-rays produce image of denser tissues by passing rays through the part to expose a film
which is more common: x-rays, fluroscopy, cineradiography x-rays
fluroscopy used to sxamine movement; rays passed through a body part and projected on a fluroscent screen
cineradiography adds a video camera to the fluroscent equipment to make a photographic record of the procedure
Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan) computer enhanced x-rays to allow examination of horizontal section of the body at various angles to define tissue density
CT scan colors indicate different densities of organs
Most CT scans are invansive or non-invasive Non-invasive, but consent may be required for scans using a contrast medium
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) non-invasive method of differentiating normal for abnormal tissue in the body
MRIs are commonly used for these body parts brain, knee joints, spine, spinal cord, and abdominal organs
Patients with metal devices cannot use MRIs because.... machine emits a strong magnetic field
MRI is contraindicated in patients with... hip prostheses, implanted pacemakers, defribrillators, atrificial cardiac valves, vascular clips, or staples from recent surgeries
Claustrophobia is a common issue with this type of diagnostic procedure MRI
To help calm patient before MRI, try... deep-breathing and relaxation techniques
MRI patient teaching is important because duration of tests can change and the environment is noisy
All invasive tests, premedication, or sedation require patient consent
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