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Nursing/Medical term

Medical terminology

What is gastroscope? An instrument to visually examine the stomach.
What does gastric mean? Pertaining to the stomach.
What does cardiac mean? Pertaining to the heart.
What does enteritis mean? Inflammation of the intestines.
What does gastroenteritis mean? Inflammation of the stomach and intestines.
What does the prefix sub mean? Below
What does the prefix trans mean? Across
What does the prefix retro mean? Behind
What is a combining form? The combination of the root and the combining vowel.
What does aden/o mean? Gland
What does arthr/o mean? Joint
What does bio/o mean? Life
What does carcin/o mean? Cancer, cancerous
What does cardi/o mean? Heart
What does cephal/o mean? Head
What does cerebr/o mean? Cerebrum, largest part of the brain.
What does cyst/o mean? Urinary bladder
What does cyt/o mean? Cell
What does derm/o mean? Skin
What does dermat/o mean? Skin
What does electr/o mean? Electricity
What does encephal/o mean? Brain
What does enter/o mean? Intestines (often the small intestine)
What does erythr/o mean? Red
What does gastr/o mean? Stomach
What does gnos/o mean? Knowledge
What does gynec/o mean? Woman, female
What does hem/o, hemat/o mean? Blood
What does hepat/o mean? Liver
What does lapar/o mean? Abdomen
What does leuk/o mean? White
What does nephr/o mean? Kidney
What does neur/o mean? Nerve
What does onc/o mean? Tumor
What does ophthalm/o mean? Eye
What does oste/o mean? Bone
What does path/o mean? Disease
What does psych/o mean? Mind
What does ren/o mean? Kidney
Whay does rhin/o mean? Nose
What does sarc/o mean Flesh
What does thromb/o mean? Clotting
What does the suffix -al mean? Pertaining to
What does the suffix -algia mean? Pain
What does the suffix -cyte mean? Cell
What does the suffix -ectomy mean? Cutting out, removal, excision
What does the suffix -emia mean? Blood condition
What does the suffix -globin mean? Protein
What does the suffix -gram mean? Record
What does the suffix -ia mean? Condition
What does the suffix -ic mean? Pertaining to
What does the suffix -ism mean? Condition, process
What does the suffix -itis mean? Inflammation
What does the suffix -logist mean? Specialist in the study of
What does the suffix -logy mean? Study of
What does the suffix -oma mean? Tumor, mass
What does the suffix -opsy mean? To view
What does the suffix -osis mean? Abnormal condition
What does the suffix -scope mean? Instrument to visually examine
What does the suffix -scopy mean? Process of visual examination
What does the suffix -sis mean? State of
What does the suffix -tomy mean? Process of cutting into; incision
What does the prefix a-, an- mean? No, not
What does the prefix aut- mean? Self
What does the prefix dia- mean? Complete, through
What does the prefix dys- mean? Bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
What does the prefix endo-mean? Within
What does the prefix exo- mean? Outside
What does the prefix hyper- mean? Excessive, more than nortmal, too much
What does the prefix hypo- mean? Below, less than normal, under
What does the prefix peri- mean? Surrounding
What does the prefix pro- mean? Before, forward
What does the prefix re- mean? Back
What does the prefix retro- mean? Behind
What does the prefix sub- mean? Below, under
What does the prefix trans- mean? Across, through
What is hyperglycemia? Excessive amount of sugar in the blood.
What is hypoglycemia? Overproduction of insulin or an overdose of insulin.
What is hyperthyroidism? The thyroid gland produces too much hormone.
A thrombosis can cause ________________. A cerebrovascular accident
What is myalgia? Pain in a muscle
What is an iatrogenic illness? One produced adversely and unexpectedly by a treatment.
What does a rheumatologist treat? Diseases affecting joints and muscles.
What does a geriatrician treat? Diseases of old age.
What does a urologist treat? Disease of the urinary tract and male reproductive disorders.
What does a nephrologist treat? Kidney diseases
What does a neurologist treat? Nerve disorders
What is a myoma? A benign tumor of the muscle
What does clinical mean? Patient care
What is chemotherapy? Treatment with powerful drugs to kill cancer cells.
What is the frontal plane? A vertical plane that divides the body into front and back portions
What is the sagittal plane? A vertical plane that divides the body into right and left sides.
What is the transverse plane? A horizontal plane that divides the body into upper and lower portions.
What is an incision of the skull? Craniotomy
What is a CT scan? X ray images that show the body in cross section
What is an MRI? Electromagnetic currents provide a detailed picture of organs and blood vessels.
Poly means______________. Much, many
What does metastasis mean? A spread in the body of the primary cancer
What is a slow heartbeat? Bradycardia
What is an enlarged heart? Cardiomegaly
What is tachypnea? Rapid breathing
What is tachycardia? Fast, rapid heartbeat
What is inflammation of the stomach and small intestine? Gastroenteritis
What is endocarditis? Inflammation of the inner lining of the heart.
What is enteritis? Inflammation of the small intestine
What is aphasia? Absence or impairment of communication through speech
What is apnea? Not able to breathe; temporary stoppage of breathing.
What is sleep apnea? During sleep, a person is momentarily unable to contract respiratory muscles and maintain air flow through the nose and mouth.
What does ren/o mean? Kidney
What does nephr/o mean? Kidney
What is a leukocyte? White blood cell
What is an antibody? Antibodies are produced by white blood cells when germs enter the bloodstream
What is hypertrophy? Enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or part of the body as a result of an increase in size of individual cells.
What is atrophy? Decrease in size of cells within an organ
What is an endocrinologist? Specialist in the study of endocrine glands and their disorders
What is a gastroenterologist? Specialist in the treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders
What is an otolaryngologist? Specialist in the treatment of disease of the ear, nose and throat
What is nerve pain? Neuralgia
What is an opening from the kidney to the outside of the body called? Nephrostomy
What is the flexible connective tissue found between bones at joints? Cartilage
What is an endocrine gland? Glands such as pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and pancreas that secrete hormones.
What is an erythrocyte? A red blood cell
What is a hematoma? Mass or collection of blood under the skin. Commonly called a bruise.
What is a hemoglobin? Oxygen carrying protein found in red blood cells.
What is a cholecystectomy? Removal of the gallbadder
What is a choledochotomy? Incision of the common bile duct
What is a syndrome? A set of symptoms and signs that occur together to indicate a disease condition.
What is a prognosis? Prediction as to the outcome of an illness or treatment.
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