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TRANS to RN: Week 1

Order of Deaconesses religious group of nursing providers instituted by Theodore Fliedner, Kaiserswerth, Germany
Florence Nightingale founder of modern nursing
Clara Barton founder of American Red Cross
Dorothea Dix Union Superintendent of Female nurses during the Civil War
Harriet Tubman “the Moses of Her People,” nurse the sick and suffering
Sojourner Truth abolitionist, Underground Railroad agent, preacher, women’s right advocate, nurse
Mary Breckinridge pioneer nurse, founder of Frontier Nursing Service
Lavinia Dock writer, feminist, suffragette, political activist
Virginia Henderson one of first modern nurses to define nursing
Mary Mahoney first African-American professional nurse
Melinda Ann [Linda] Richards America’s first trained nurse
Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood
Lillian Wald founder of public health nursing
Demographic patterns demographic changes require recognition of cultural and ethnic diversity
Prospective payment limits hospital reimbursements – pays a predetermined amount related to a medical diagnosis
Diagnostic-related groups prospective payment system established according to medical diagnosis
Supplemental Security Income financial assistance for persons with disabilities
Medicare Title 18 of the Social Security Act providing health insurance for older adults
Medicaid Title 19 of the Social Security Act provide medical assistance to people in financial need
Insurance Plans third party payers to finance health care – may be private or group insurance
Created by: asbraund