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Ch. 22 Vessels

BMS 307: Anatomy

Intima the innermost layer of a blood vessel, endothelial lining
Media the middle layer of a blood vessel, contains smooth muscles tissue
Adventitia The outer layer of a blood vessel, very thick
Vasoconstriction when the smooth muscles constrict and reduce the diameter of the blood vessels
Vasodilation when the smooth muscle inside a blood vessel relaxes and the diameter increase
Vasa Vasorum the small blood vessels in the walls of larger vessles that supply the smooth muscle with nutrients
Elastic Arteries Conducting arteries, large vessels that carry large volumes of blood. Ex. aorta and pulmonary trunk
Muscular Arteries Distribution arteries,Transport blood to the body's skeletal muscles and internal organs
Arterioles control the blood flow between arteries and capillaries
Capillaries the smallest and most delicate blood vessels, hey permit exchange between the blood and the surronding interstitial fluid
Sinusoids cappilaries found in the liver that have larger pores
Capillary Bed (or plexus)an interconnected bed of capillaries
Precapillary sphincter a band of smooth muscle that guards the entrance to each capillary
Arteriovenous Anastomosis direct connections between arterioles and venules
Venules the smallest veins, collect blood from cappillaries
One-way Valves valves in veins so that blood flows up and does not flow down with gravity
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