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BC3- maternity, complications

a synthetic hormone with estrogenic properties, possible cause of incompetent cervix diethylstilbestrol
for patients on bedrest from incompetent cervix to increase circulation, maintain muscle flexability and prevent thrombosis range of motion exercizes
surgical procedure to prevent cervix from premature dilation cerclage
used to keep cervix closed, may be removed to allow vaginal delivery or left intact for c- section sutures
painless dilation causing premature birth, usually around 20 weeks gestation incompetent cervix
located between vagina and uterus cervix
birth that occurs prior to 37 weeks pre-term, or premature
surgical removal of segment of cervix for diagnostic use, to confirm abnormal pap results cone bioposy
shortening of vaginal portion of cervix, thinning of walls effacement
progressive openening of cervix dilation
diethylstilbbestrol (DES) synthetic hormone with estrogenic properties, used from 1948-1971 to decrease miscarriages.contraindicated now d/t vaginal cancerfor women who were exposed to DES in utero. being a DES daughter can cause an abnormally formed cervix
symptoms of incompetent cervix heavyness/ marginal to large amount of discharge
to diagnose incompetent cervix internal exam or ultrasound
to treat incompetent cervix early detection to prevent miscarriage. bedrest, cerclage, or both if condition is severe
cerclage sutures to close incompetent cervix 85-90 % success. remove at about 37 weeks Gallow vaginal or leave in place for future pregnacies and c section preformed
cerclage complications (RARE) may rupture membranes, uterus may get irritated and start labor, infection of placenta or uterus, cervix can be damaged if contractions tear sutures
Nursing iunterventions for incompetent cervix support group, ROM, sit up after meals reduce heartburn, fiber and fluid to prevent constipation
incompetent cervix rule once diagnosed, NO sex!! due to the prostaglandins in sperm that can cause contractions
ectopic pregnancy inplantation of fertilized egg in site anywhere other than endrometrial lining of uterus
risk factors of ectopic pregnacies tubal damage d/t PID, previous pelvic, abdominal , tubal surgery/ sterilization, IUD presence, HIgh levels of hormones alter motility of egg in tube, ovulation inducing drugs, smoking, douching, STD, >40,exposure to DES
fertilized egg implanted in fallopian tube, peritoneal cavity, cervix, uterine cornea, ovary, ampulla of tube (most common place) ectopic pregnancy
s/s of ectopic pregnancy chadwicks sign (blue discoloration of cervix, soft uterus, HCG in blood or urine, pain lower abdominal, fainting dizziness, referred right shoulder pain, , slower HCG titers than a normal pregnancy
laproscopic salpingectomy removal of tube if it is ruptured or if future child bearing is not an issue
laproscopic linear salpingostomy evaluate pregnacy and gently preserve the tube
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