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Lucy Wu-Fari Mbaye

What is the Golden Lotus A famous Chinese restaurant.
What society did Regina start at her school The Chinese culture society
Who is Lucy's dad bringing to America Yi Po
Who does Lucy have a crush on Harrison Miller
What does Mei Mei mean in Chinese Little sister
What is Lucy's Chinese name Mengxue
What type of school is Talent starting A Chinese school
How did Lucy redecorate her room To the theme of snow dream
What is the Great Wall of Lucy Wu A wall she created to seperate her and Yi Po
Does Lucy's dad think she should play basketball or go to Chinese school Go to chinese school
What is the school doing the week before Thanksgiving Having a 6th grade vs. faculty basketball game.
Who is Lucy's enemy at school Sloane Conners
When do Madison and Lucy have there joint birthday party Halloween
Who is Lucy's doctor Dr.Espinoza
Who did Lucy run into at Chinese school Harrison
What was on the bathroom wall A mean poem about Lucy
What happened to the dumplings Yi Po had made for Lucy's party Kenny ate them
What did Madison give Lucy for her birthday A Chinese necklace
What happened to Lucy's house when she slept over at Madison's house It was TP'd by Sloane and her friends
What did Lucy get for her real birthday A new backboard.
What does Kenny want to study instead of math History
What is the Big Green Box What they put all their pictures in
What was the new rule to become captain You have to get the most canned food votes.
Who won team captain for the 6th grade Lucy Wu
Who made the winning shot for the students Talent
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