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Chinese 1-2-3

Lesson 6-What do you do after class?

晚上 evening, night
睡覺 (shuìjiào) to sleep
早上 morning
起床 (qǐchuáng) to get up
爲什麽 why
因為 because
考試 (kǎoshì) test, exam; to have a test
以前 before
to hand in; to turn in
作業 (zuòyè) homework
下課 class in over or dismissed
以後 after
回家回 (huí) to go home to return
休息 to rest, to take a break
to write
小說 novel. fiction
週末 (zhōumò) weekend
to think, to intend
電影 (diànyǐng) movie
to wash
衣服 (yīfú) clothes
電視 (diànshì) television
有時候 sometimes
每 每天 each everyday
上班 to go to work
下班 to get off work
中午 noon
real; really
and, with
to talk
空(兒) spare time, free time
時間 (shíjiān) time
咖啡館 (kāfēi guǎn) 咖啡 (kāfēi) coffee shop, cafe coffee
見面 to meet(somebody)
to drink
上課以前 before class
下課以後 after class
昨天晚上 last night (yesterday evening)
去咖啡館喝咖啡 go to the coffee shop to drink coffee
去看電影 go to movies
有空 have free time
Created by: horngyilee
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