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Outsiders 3

Outsiders Chapter 5-7

Where did Dally drive the 2 runaway boys? Diary Queen
List four items Johnny purchased at the store Perioxide, soap, bread and Gone w/the Wind book
List Johnny's injuries broken back and severe burns
What parenting mistake did Randy feel Bob's parents made? Overly indulgent (gave Bob too much stuff)
What happened to the church while the 3 greasers were at Diary Queen? The church caught on fire.
Why did Cherry volunteer for such a position? She felt responsible
Why did Johnny and Ponyboy run into the church? To save the children
Why had a teacher and children come to Jay Mountain? for a picnic
Why did Johnny require Ponyboy to cut and bleach his hair? Disguise himself from the police. He did not want him to be recognized.
Who looked after Ponyboy after his brothers went to work? Two bit
Where did Two-bit and Ponyboy go after finishing their chores? Movies
What beverage was Ponyboy craving? Pepsi
What new role was Cherry Valance talking on back at home? Spy for the greasers
What was Johnny's signal to let Ponyboy know it was him approaching the church door? He whistled the gang to whistle.
Why did Soda's girlfriend, Sandy, suddenly move to Florida to live with her grandparents? She was pregnant and her family did not want her to marry Soda.
What protected Ponyboy from severe back burns? Dally's leather jacket
Why were the Greasers and the Socs planning a rumble for the next night? To settle the tension between the 2 groups.
why was Dally upset with Johnny's decision? He didnt want Johnny to go to jail.
What did Ponyboy do on this first morning back home? Ponyboy made breakfast.
Why didn't Johnny bleach his hair too? He was too dark to look normal blonde.
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