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Dezi's science sutto

Desiree' Science Test

What are the 3 points of the cell theory all living things are made of cells, cells come from cells, cells are the basic unit of structure and function
Simplest to complex: organ, cell, organ system tissue cell, tissue, organ, organ system
Is the DNA ladder a double or a single helix molecule double
The doubling of chromosomes in mitosis ensures that both new cells have what? have identical genetic make up
The study of how traits are inherited is called genetics
In plants, what captures sunlight so the process of photosynthesis can take place? chloroplast
What are the raw materials that plants need for photosynthesis sun carbon dioxide and water
what does C6H12O6 stand for Sugar or glucose
What 2 organelles are found in plant cells and not in animal cells Cell wall and chloroplast
If carbon dioxide is greater inside a cell than outside, then which direction would it move out
How would a plant respond to the stimulus of the sun? it would turn to the sun
What is the primary source of energy for most living organsims the sun
what unit of measurement is used to determine mass grams
what is an independent variable what you change on purpose
what is a dependent variable what happens because of the independent variable
what is the definition of repeated trials number of times each level of the independent variable tested
process of water moving across a membrane is known as osmosis
what stage of mitosis do the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell metaphase
what stage of the cell cycle do we have two daughter cells cytokinesis
Which type of body cells would you find the most mitochondria muscles
who were the three main contributors to the discovery of DNA Franklin, Crick and Watson
Define Homeostasis Stable internal condition
Define respiration process of breaking down sugars and using the energy
What do we call the visible (physical characteristics) of an organism? phenotype
what are the genetic characteristics called? genotype
photosynthesis and respiration are said to be opposites
what organelle is the "brain" of the cell Nucleus
Which organelle allows particles to move in and out cell membrane
Who looked at cork under a microscope Robert hooke
what name did the person looking at the cork under the microscope give the tiny structures he structures cells
Created by: deborah.figgs