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what are the two purposes in Act one scene one? Shows Brutus entering the conspiracy; Points to disaster by showing three mistakes that Brutus makes
What does Brutus's soliloquy in Scene one show? Brutus has made up his mind to join the conspiracy but he is still unsure so in the soliloquy he is reassuring himself
what is the setting in scene one? after midnight on the ides of march in Brutus's garden
who is lucius? Brutus's servant
what are the two fallacies in Brutus's thinking in his soliloquy? 1) If Caesar is crowned king, he will become a tyrant 2) The assassination is for the good of Rome - not for the good of Rome, Rome will never be the same
in scene one when the conspirators knock on Brutus's door, what shows that they are ashamed and doing wrong? they have their faces hidden
in scene one, why does cassius let Brutus have his way? he places high value on Brutus's reputation; he gives his high regard to Brutus over his practical thinking
what are Brutus's three major mistakes we see in scene one? 1)not swearing an oath 2) not including cicero 3) allowing mark antony to live
what is the anachronism in scene one? the clock striking
What is Cassius worried will foil their plan? Concerned Caesar won't go to the Capitol; Caesar has been very superstitious and been seeing fortune tellers who will warn him
Who reassures Cassius that he will get Caesar to the Capitol? Decius
When will the conspirators go to Caesar's and escort them to the Capitol? 8 o' clock
Who is conspirator number 8? Ligarius
What is the example we see in act 2 of appearance vs reality? Brutus says to the conspirators to put on a good act and not let their face show anything; there are people outside of the conspirators who know of the assassination before it happens
what signs is brutus showing that makes portia ask what is wrong? What does brutus say is wrong acting strange, not eating, not sleeping; he says he does not feel good
what are the three reasons Portia gives Brutus on why he should tell her whats wrong 1) I am your wife and we should trust each other 2) I am Cato's daughter 3) I am a whole lot stronger than you think
why does Brutus tell Portia he will tell her later? Brutus doesn't want to put portia in danger because having knowledge would hurt her
Ligarius is not really sure what is going on but he is in it if Brutus is. When will Brutus fill Ligarius in on the plot? on the walk there
Brutus wants to do the wrong thing for the right reason. he is doing what? something immoral for a moral reason
What are the two purposes of scene two? 1) suspense as to whether Caesar will go to the capitol 2) shows Caesar walking right ion the hands of the conspirators
What do Caesar and Brutus have in common? both good men, very easy to manipulate, both love their wives very much
what is the foreshadowing in scene two? thunder and lightning, Calphurnia has a dream about Caesar being murdered
Caesar thinks it's ridiculous for men to fear what? death
How does Decius convince Caesar to go? He interprets the dream in a different way that flatters Caesar's arrogance and vain
What is the purpose of scene 3? shows that one of the conspirators has talked
who is artemidorus? teacher; written letter to Caesar with all the conspirators names; we do not know who talked
In scene 4, Portia knows about what? Brutus's plot
Why do we assume Portia agrees with Brutus's plan? She does not question the morality and doesn't try to stop or tell on Brutus
What does the sooth sayer hope to do? Get close enough to Caesar to warn him again
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