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Tyres and wheels

level 2

what is the legal tred depth of a tyre 1.6 mm
If a tyre has an R on the side wall what does it stand for ? eg: 195/50 R13 radial
Aspect ratio is defined as ? section height as a % of the width
A car tyre shows 225/50 R 16 what does the 225 stand for ? tyre width in mm
A 4x4 has a tyre marking 175/70 R 15 94Q what does the Q stand for ? speed rating
For a tyre to be legal in the UK it must have the _____ marking ? dot
When should you check tyre pressure, when the tyre is hot or cold ? cold
What will cause the tyre tred to wear in the centre ? over inflated tyre
If the tyre tred is wearing on either edge one cause of this could be ? miss aligned tracking / wheel alignment
What is the most common type of wheel construction used in light vehicles ? well based
After replacing a tyre you should _____ the wheel. balance
When fitting 2 x new tyres to a car what axle should they go on ? new on the front and the best 2 on to the rear