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Play Act 3

Figure of speech

The day is hot, the Capels are abroad. epithet
Good king of cats allusion
Till thou shalt know the reasonof my love dramatic irony
ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch. hyperbole
no, tis not so deep as a well, nor as wide as a church door simile
and you shall find me a grave man. pun
this days black fate on more days doth depend. this but begins the woe other must end. foreshadowing
Towards Phoebus lodging allusion
i have bought the mansion of a love, but not possessed it, and, though i am sold, not yet enjoyed. metaphor
can heaven be so envious personification
tybalt, the best friend i had! o courteous tybalt, honest gentleman apostrophe
beautiful tyrant, feind angelical, wolvish ravening lamb, honorable villian. oxymorons
upon his brow, shame is ashamed to sit. personification
and thou art wedded to calamity. personification
Thy wit, that ornament to shape and love, misshapen in the conduct of them both, like powder in a skilless soldiers flask simile
happiness courts thee in her best array personification
with twenty hundred thousand times more joy hyperbole
nights candles are burnt out personification
it is some meteor that the sun exhaled. personification
tis but the pale reflex of Cynthias brow allusion
come deayh and welcome. Juliet wills it so foreshadowing
some say the lark makes sweet division. this doth not so, for she divideith us. pun
for a minute there are many days. hyperbole
methinks i see thee, now thou art so low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb. foreshadowing
dry sorrow drinks our blood. personification
that same villian, Romeo. dramatic irony
thou counterfeits a bark, a sea, a wind. metaphor
sailing in this salt flood, the winds thy sighs. metaphor
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