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E Poe


Avatar A manifestation of a deity in bodily form on Earth.
Pestilence A Fatal Epidemic Desease
Sagacious A good Judgement
August Respected
Contagion A Desease Spread
Abbey Building occupied by a community of Monks or Nuns
Pervade Spread through
Sojourn A temporary stay
Discernible senses or intellect
Scrutinizing Examine closely
Tarn Small mountain Lake
Cadaverousness Looking like something dead
Profuse Plentiful and Abundant
Vivacious Attractively lively and animated
Pallid Pale typically of bad health
Stupor Near unconsciousness
Insipid Lacking flavor
Similitude A Quality or state of being similar to something
Demeanor Outward behavior
Incubus Cause of distress or anxiety
Potency Power or Influence
Obstinate Stubbornly refusing to change ones opinion
Emaciated Bony and very thin
Prodigious Unnatural or abnormal
Surcease Relief
Obeisance Gesture to show respect
Nepenthe Pitcher Plants
Ghastly Cause great horror or fear
Gaunt Lean and Haggard basically skinny and old
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