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Law and Ethics

Chapter 1-12

Mental incapacity condition in which a person lacks reasoning faculties to understand ordinary concerns or to act compenetly
Negligence Failure to act with reasonable and prudent care
Litigious Prone to engage in lawsuits
Agent Someone who has authority to act for another under specific conditions
Layperson One who does not have training in a specific profession
Respondeat superior Employer is vicariously liable for the behavior of an employee working within his or her scope of employment.
Appeal Transfer of a case decided in a lower caourt to a higher court to obtain a new hearing on matter's of the law.
Mediation Neutral party hears two opposing parties with the intent of persuading them to settle their dispute.
Negotiation Exchange and consideration of offers until parties agree on a solution that is acceptable to both.
Burden of Proof Necessity of giving convincing legal proof of any facts in a dispute
Bench Trial Trial serves without Jury and Judge rules on law
Manslaughter Unpremeditated taking of human life
Larceny Stealing or removing someone's personal property to convert it illegally or deprive the pwner of it's possession. Is a Felony.
Fiduciary Holding or held in trust
Euthanasia Intentional action or lack of action causing the merciful death of someone suffering from a terminal illness or incurable condition.
Murder Act done with intent to kill victim
Emancipated Minor under the age of 18 who is completely self-supporting
Warranty Promise that certain facts are truly represented
Indigent Lacking sufficient means to support oneself or anyone for whom responsible.
Abandon Give up or cease doing
Conservator Court appointed person give authority the manage the financial affairs of an incompetent person
NonVerbal Communication Communicating with someone using body language
Malfunction Defective performance of a product
Statue of limitations Law setting a time limit within which one person can use another
Empathy to show feelings for another at a deeper level than just understanding
Comprehensive covering completely or broadly; inclusive
Shares Units of stock giving the possessor part ownership in a corporation
Venue Particular county or geographic area where a court may try a case
Quality assurance Responsibility to uphold the quality of care of patients in treatment situations.
Capitation Payment in lump sum, to Physicans, HMO's and Health care facilities to deliver healthcare to segment of the popluation
Investment Expenditure of capital to secure income or profit
Risk Management Minimizing the danger or hazard
Stockholders those who hold an interest(stock) in a corporation
Assets Personal belongings and property owned by a person or, if he or she dies.
Levy to raise or execute a tax
Retirement Benefits Benefits paid to an employee for a prior term of service after he or she discontinues work for that employer
Subpoena Command to appear at a specified time and place to testify
Immoral Not moral
Etiquette Prescribed code of courteous social behavior
Ethics Study of Moral choices that confirm to professional standards of conduct
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Anencephalic a child born without a brain stem
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
HIV Human Immunodeficiency virus; Causes AIDS
DNA Essential component of all living matter and the basic chromosomal material transmitting the hereditary pattern
Chemotherapy Chemical treatment of disease
Genetic Resulting from genes or attributable to them
Commitment Process by which a person is entrusted to a mental Health facility or Penal Institution.
Autograft transplanting of a person's own tissue from one part of the body to another; or transplants between identical twins
Paternalism Providing for people's needs but giving them no responsibility or control over their destiny
Living Will When you request to die natural instead of being kept alive artificially
Dementia Severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity or personality integration.
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