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vocab 4

anatomy terms

neurotransmitters chemical messenger released by neurons that may upon binding to receptors of neurons or effector cells
Graves disease hyperactive thyroid gland
pleurae two-layered serous membrane that lines the thoacic cavity and covers external surface of lung
peristalsis progressive wavelike contractions that move through alimentary tube organs
parturition giving birth; culmination of pregnancy
spermatogenesis process of sperm formation involves meiosis
semen fluid mixture containing sperm and secretions of male accesory reproductive glands
oxidative deamination oxidative reaction that occurs under aerobic conditions
spermatocyte a male germ cell (primary spermatocyte) that gives rise by meiosis to a pair of haploid cells (secondary spermatocytes) that give rise in turn to spermatids.
vascular dementia steplike deterioration in intellectual functions that result from multiple infarctions of the cerebral hemispheres
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