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What are the two purposes of ActOne, SceneOne Introduces the subject of the play; Foreshadows a serious conflict between Caesar's allies and his enemies
What is the setting of SceneOne? February 15, 44BC in a Roman Street
Why are people in the streets? People are waiting on Caesar's return from defeating Pompey's sons in Spain; also celebrating the Feast of Lupercal
What is the Feast of Lupercal? Fertility festival and young men raced through streets of Rome holding strips of goat skin and anyone who was touched with the goat skin would be able to conceive a child
Who are Flavius and Marullus? 2 military men on the streets who are wondering why the commoners are not at work; they are not allies of Caesar
________ doesn't think its right to celebrate the victory of one Roman over another Marullus
The Cobbler, who repairs shoes, tells the Flavius and Marullus he is "..a mender of bad soles" what is this an example of? pun
What is the Anachronism in scene one? chimney tops
What are the three purposes of ActOne SceneTwo introduces the main characters; shows the beginning of the plot against Caesar; Shows us Caesar's physical weaknesses
Describe Julius Caesar vain, egotistical, views himself as god-like, superstitious
Describe Mark Antony young, extremely devoted to Caesar, Caesar trusts him, very shrewd and smart
Who is Calphurnia? Caesar's wife
who is Portia? Brutus's wife
Describe Decius One of Caesar's opponents, believes Caesar is getting too powerful
Describe Cicero Senator, very wise man, 62 years old in 44 BC (old), likes Caesar personally
Describe Brutus tragic hero of the play; tragic flaw:idealism; internal conflict: love and loyalty to Caesar the person vs his concern for Rome - likes Ceaser as a man
Describe Cassius Brutus's brother in law; jealous of Caesar; manipulator; wants to keep Caesar from being king anyway he can
Why does Cassius want Brutus on his side for his plot against Caesar? because Brutus is an honorable man and Brutus would not be involved in anything that is wrong
Describe Casca Fairly influential Roman who is also against Caesar
What is a sooth-sayer? fortune tller
Caesar does not have a _______ heir; Calphurnia, his fourth wife, is unable to conceive a childe, wants heir badly so he wants to make sure she gets touched with goat skin
what are Caesar's 3 physical weaknesses/ deaf in his left ear; epilepsy - seizures; can't swim
What is the ides of March and why does Caesar ignore the sooth-sayers words? March 15 - Caesar pays no attention because he seems himself as god-like and invincibl
What happens in Act 1 Scene 2? Cassius begins his manipulation of Brutus because Cassius rally wants Brutus on his side
how does Cassius manipulate Brutus at first? He tells him how everyone in Rome admires him and tells him that Rome is in danger if Caesar gets more powerful
What does Cassius want to do to Caesar? What does Brutus do in response? assassinate him; says he has thought about it and at some further time they will talk again
What is the anachronism in Scene two? books
Cassius is urging Brutus to do what? take a moral stand that will ultimately destroy him
In Scene Two, when Caesar, Mark Antony, and the others arrive, Brutus realizes something is wrong. what does he say they look like? Caesar - angry; calphurnia-pale; Cicero- ferret with fiery eyes
_____ has a good judge of character. Who is he suspicious of? Caesar; Cassius
Caesar would be better off if he did what? followed his own mind and didn't listen to others
Brutus stops Casca to find out what happens in Scene 2...What happened in the street Antony offered a crown to Caesar 3 times to see if the people would accept Caesar as a king and unexpectedly the crowd cheers each time Caesar rejects the crown
What happen to Marullus and Flavius in Scene 2? Were punished for taking down the decorations on Caesar's statue
what is a soliloquy? there is no one around to hear the speech
what does cassius show the reader in his soliloquy in scene 2 how he can manipulate people
what is Cassius's plan to make Brutus more inclined to join his conspiracy? he will forge letters to Brutus saying it is from the people of Rome saying how honorable and well liked Brutus is; brutus will do whatever he can for the welfare of rome;
what does cassius want brutus to believe? that the roman people are suffering under Caesar's tyranny; tries to make Brutus believe that if he does not join the plot to overthrow Caesar, the good of Rome is at stake
what are the 3 purposes of Act 1 Scene 3? conspiracy is well advanced; show Cassius's skill at handling people; develops cassius's superiority over Casca and Cinna
describe the symbolism of the weather in scene3 it is stormy; symbolizes the state of things
who is frightened by the strange things that have happened? how does he interpret these occurrences? casca; can only mean disaster for Rome
How does Cassius interpret the 4 strange occurrences? believes these things mean that Caesar is going to destroy Rome and that is why Caesar needs to be stopped
what other news does Casca bring? the next day, the ides of March, the senate is going to make Caesar king
What will cassius do if Caesar becomes king? kill himself, believes caesar takes advantage of the common people
at the end of scene 3, what 6 men are committed to the conspiracy? cassius, casca, cinna, decius, trebonius, metellus
what are the four strange occurrences? 1) a slaves hand is in flames but it didn't burn him 2) casca sees a wild lion but it doesn't bother him 3) burning men were walking in the street 4) an owl is in the marketplace at noon - owl=death
what does cassius tell cinna to do? put the forged letters in brutus's chair
to whom is casca referring to when he says "O, he sits high in all the people's hearts?" Brutus
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