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NURcritical thinking

nursing and critical thinking

critical thinking process that encompasses analysis, problem solving, clinical decision making, evaluation, and self reflection
problem solving usually only 1 right answer, usually follows standard
critical thinking several alternatives, usually creative, doesnt allow an exact standard, thinking out of the box
a critical thinker... raises vital questions and problems, gathers and assess relevant info using abstract ideas to interpret effectively, thinks open mindedly, communicates effectively, well reasoned
5 ways to become a critical thinker total recall, habits, inquiry, new ideas and creativity, knowing how you think
total recall remembering facts or where to find them
habits thinking approaches that are repeated so often they become second nature, allows one to do things without figuring out a method each time, accepted way of doing things
inquiry examining issues in depth, questioning the obvious
new ideas and creativity trying it a new way instead of a traditional way, improves efficiency
knowing how you think point of view, assumptions you tend to make, elaborate on ideas, biases
great nursing creative, individualized, critical thinking, go beyond good safe nursing skills
nursing process assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation
how does anxiety affect thinking capabilities increased anxiety limits thiinking capabilities
what are some good nursing habits treat pt as individuals not as diagnosis, avoid bias and assumptions, ask questions, seek info
Created by: kamia2010