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Vocabulary for Test


AHA American Heart Association
abd` abdominal cavity
ABG Arterial Blood Gas
a.c. before meals
ad lib as desired
adm administer
ADL activities of daily living
AM morning
amb ambulate (walk)
ant anterior
asap as soon as possible
as tol as tolerated
ASA asprin
ax axillary
bid twice a day
bl blood
bm bowel movement
aden gland
angi vessel
bio life
calc stone
carcin cancer
OR operating room
ED Emergency department
ICU intensive care unit
EMS emergency medical system
EMT Emergency medical technician
MD Medical Doctor
D.O. doctor of osteopathy
L+D Labor and delivery
LPN Licensed Practical nurse
MA Medical assistant
NA nurses assistant
NICU Neonatal intensive care unit
OB Obstetrician
OD optometry doctor
OT Occupational Therapist
PA Physicians assistant
PCA patient care assistant
PCT patient care technician
PT Physical Therapist
RN Registered Nurse
RD registered dietician
R.R. Recovery room
Lab runs tests on blood, urine... etc
CCU Coronary/Critical care unit
RT respiratory therapist
CNP certified nurse practitioner
GYN gynecologist
BSA body substance/secretion association
CPR cardio pulmonary resuscitation
DX diagnosis
S/S signs and symptoms
ARC american red cross
BP bl pressure
BRP Bathroom privileges
BS bl sugar, bowel sounds, breathing sounds
BX biopsy
BK below the knee
CAL calorie
CATH catheter
BR bed rest
P.O. by mouth
IM intro muscular
IV into venus
cranio skull
erythro red
cslyc sweet,sugar
gyne women
hemo blood
hepato liver
histo tissue
hydro water
En inside
CBC complete bl count
chol cholesterol
circ circumcision
Cl Liq clear liquids
CNS central nervous system
C/O complaining of
cx cervix
CXR chest x-ray
D/C discontinue
del delivered
DNR do not resuscitate
EBC Estimated Blood count
ECG Echo-cardiogram
EEG electro-encephalogram
EKG electro cardiogram
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