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1. ________________________ accepting others, including race religion, and different than others. S= tolerance
to ruin the appearance of something to deface. S= disfigure
serious or earnest; solemn
an action word or word of being; Jump= Action verb, Is , are= Verbs of being. verb
a word used in place of a noun Bill = he, Bill and Bob ="They" EX pronoun
to bear hardship; to last; to hold out against. S= endure
to last; S= L* Durare
temporary stop or rest. pause
a main idea or message about life, society, nature, a novel a poem etc. EX= them
a unit or arrangement of lines in a poem, sometimes with a fixed length, meter or rhyme. EX= Stanza
a word having the same meaning as another word. People, humans. EX= Synonym
a name of a person, place, animal or a thing. N= Table N=same Noun
method of operating L* Modus operandi
In order of time chronological
rules of behavior i proper conduct. etiquette
five penta
father of time Chronos
a black stone found in 1799 that enabled archaeologists to decipher hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone
Comparison using like or as. Ex: I like food simile
when the narrator tells the story as "I" Ex: I like First person point of view
the problem that controls the action in a story. s= Conflict
a word that describes an verb, adjective or other adverbs Adverb
a neuter or unstressed syllable Ex: the letter "e" in system Schwa
replacement of a missing body part prosthetic
a dummy or a model Mannequin
do you understand Cheapish
a covering from head to toe Veil
the art of making fireworks pyrotechnics
a pile for burning a dead body pyre
our, usually in exaggeration or ecsess hyper
breathing abnormally fast and deep hyperventilate
the entry to the U.S. immigrants between 1892-1930 Ellis Island
A figure of speech in witch an animate or abstraction is endowed with human qualities or ability Personification
A poem that consist of 14 lines Sonnet
to determined or express the quantity of something Quantify
a group people or some who keeps other out Clique
the last six lines in a poem sestet
the last 8 lines in a poem octave
a statue that is several times larger than life size colossus
size the day Carpe Diem
day Diem
fear of something phobia
fear of the outside Agoraphobia
a body wound or shock a psychological experience that product injury Trauma
wound Trauma
an, is, are, was, were being forms of to be
describing a word Adjective
an expert in finding water using a divinig rod Dowser
acting without thinking; spontaneous reaction impulsive
a stupid or silly person imbecile
one who destroys property vandal
the act of destroying property vandalize
an Germanic tribe who pillaged and destroy the city of Rome Vandals
a plan to hide the truth subterfuge
driven impelled
Extreme happiness ecstasy
spreed throughout suffused
out of the ordinary abnormal anomalous
a hint ore clue for the reader that hints at what may happen later Foreshadow
something that goes on forever Ad infinittum
late or tardy belated
when the outcome in a story is different than what was expected Irony of the situation
a figure of speech in witch an implied comparison is made between two unlike things Metaphor
secret pursuit of some one stalk
land Terra
Land Terrain
complicated intricate
cunning using deceit or evasion crafty
someone who predicts the future; a person who spears with divine interpretation prophet
being predictive Prophetic
the stage of adolescent in witch an individual becomes physically capable of sexual reproduction puberty
a person who has not reached puberty Prepubescent
wild or frantic Frenzied
lacking in advantage not enough food sleep etc. deprived
compulsion of force duress
in a daze or stupor unresponsive catatonic
a type of sugar the main sugar in your blood Glucose
higher than normal glucose level in the blood diabetes
keeps the level of glucose in your blood at a normal level Insulin
destiny fate
food provisions
to push or crowd jostle
fire Ingne
Secret furtive
tired from hard work weary
free from spots or stains spotlessly clean immaculate
the act or recalling a past event reminiscence
wearing worn or shabby clothing shabby
my fault Mea culpa
between two stars: interrestiral visitors from another planet interstellar
an international organization located in N.Y.C that was developed to promote international peace United Nations
without previsions existence; never happened before Unprecedented
reason motive
biology involving how a living organism or body part functions physiology
a machine that determines whether a person is telling the truth lie detector
one thousand years millennium
unselfish interest in the wealth fare of others altruism
a sign or symbol, used in such writing systems as those of China or Japan, that directly represents a concept, idea, or thing rather than a word or set of words for it ideograph
an expression that means something other than the literal meaning. Idiom
an expression that means something other than the literal meaning. pun
an expression that means something other than the literal meaning. summit
money paid in exchange for the release of a kidnapping or captive person. Ransom
love of philo
off spring or children progeny
dealing or cheating someone fraud
an indirect reference to a biblical story. biblical allusion
to hide conceal
police officer constable
a blood sucking worm or a person who clings to another for gain. leech
a phrase or figure of speech that has two meanings double entered
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