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Personal Protective Equipment Types

What is PPE? Personal Protective Equipment
Agencies that require PPE are: OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and reinforced by EPA 40 CFR 400
What is the purpose of PPE? To protect the wearer from safety and health hazards, and to prevent injury from incorrect use or malfuntion of equipment
What is SCBA? Self-contained breathing apparatus. Air supply comes from a source carried by the user.
What is SAR? Supplied-air respirators. Air source is at a distance and user is connected through an air-line hose.
What is the usage time for a SCBA respirator? Average use is 30 minutes
What are the uses for a SCBA respirators? 1 For escape only and 2) Both entry and escape from hazardous atmosphere
What is a escape only SCBA? SCBA with continuous flow devices with hoods that can be donned
There are 2 types of Entry-and-Escape SCBA, what are they? Open-circuit (air is exhaled into ambient atmosphere), and Closed-circuit (air is recycled by removing carbon dioxide with alkaline scrubber)
Positive-Pressure respirators Maintain positive pressure in facepiece druing both inhalation and exhalation. Positive pressure respirators are recommended for work at hazardous waste sites.
Negative-Pressure respirators Draw air into the facepiece through the negative pressure created by inhalation. DISADVANTAGE is that if a leak develops the user can breathe contaminated air into the facepiece during inhalation.
Air purifying devices (3 types) 1) Particulate filters, 2) cartridges and canister (for specific gases and vapors), and 3) combination devices (cartridges usually attach directly to the respirator facepiece)
Level A Offers highest level of protection both for respiratory and dermal protection when working with EH materials. When working with unknown substances would need: SCBA, fully encapsulated suit with dual protection gloves and boots and two-way communications.
Level B Little/no splash hazard, poor ventilation, low oxygen. Need pressure demand SCBA, chem resistant suit, gloves, boot covers, 2-way communication.
Level C lower level respiratory/dermal protection. Used for working with known airborne contaminants. Would use Air Purifying Respirator (APR) w/ boots, escape mask, 2-way communication.
Level D Little/no respiratory/dermal protection. Used when working in known low level contaminants. Chemical resistant coverall clothing, work gloves, steel toed boots and chemical resistant booties, safety glasses, hard hat, and simple respirator.
When undressing PPE, what is the last item to take off? Gloves
Created by: adlarios
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