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QM Registry Ch. 9

Digital and Advanced Imaging Equipment

active matrix array large-area (size of conventional f/s IR's) integrated circuit that consists of millions of identical semiconductor elements deposited on glass base that acts as flat-panel IR
amorphous without form
analog-to-digital converter device for converting analog electronic signal into digital electronic signal for processing by a computer
aspect ratio ratio of width of image displayed on computer or video monitor to height of display
computed radiography process of creating digitized radiographic image using photostimulable phosphor
detective quantum efficiency measure of information transfer efficiency of detector and is defined as signal-to-noise ratio squared coming out of detector divided by signal-to-noise ratio squared going into detector
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Group system of computer software standards that allows different digital imaging programs to understand one another
digital fluoroscopy computerized enhancement of fluoroscopic images
digital radiography method of obtaining digitized radiographic image utilizing active matrix array
digital subtraction angiography electronic method of enhancing visibility of vascular structures involving digital fluoroscopy
digital x-ray radiogrammetry measure of distances on image and computer software calculates bone volume based on measurements of cortical bone thickness, bone width, and texture analysis
direct-to-digital radiographic system method of creating digital radiographic images; involves installing flat-panel IR in the Bucky of radiographic table or upright Bucky, which sends electronic signal directly to digital image processor; AKA flat-panel or flat-plate imaging
dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry x-rays with two separate energies used to obtain bone density data
F-center empty lattice sites in photostimulable phosphors where crystal electrons are trapped following exposure to x-ray energy
fill factor percentage of pixel area that's sensitive to image signal (contains x-ray detector); for most current systems is approximately 80% bc some pixel area must be devoted to electronic conductors and TFT
image enhancement use of computer to improve or enhance an image
image management and communication system computerized system for storing pt images and medical records
image restoration process in digital imaging whereby final image is displayed
liquid crystal display flat-panel display form for monitors
Nyquist frequency highest spatial frequency resolved by imaging system, measured in lp/mm
photostimulated luminescence barium fluorohalide material used to capture radiographic images in computerized radiography CR systems
picture archiving and communication system computerized system that stores pt images to allow access from remote locations
preprocessing anything done to image data before they are entered into computer memory
postprocessing manipulation of image data in memory of computer, before image is displayed on monitor
refresh rate refers to how many times each second that a video or computer monitor rewrites or updates image on display of monitor; AKA frame rate or vertical scan frequency
special procedures laboratory area in which angiographic, cardiac, and interventional procedures are done within diagnostic imaging departments
specular reflection type of reflection coming from surface of electronic display that produces a mirror image of light source creating it
teleradiology process of sending digitized images to distant locations for interpretation and consultation
thin-film transistor switches for each pixel of array connected to circuity that allows all switches in a row of array to be operating simultaneously
window level value in digital imaging that selects level of displayed band of values within complete range
window width value in digital imaging that selects width of band of values in digital signal that can be represented as gray tones in image
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