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Top 200-10 Unlabeled

Unlabeled Uses

alprazolam anx in children
lorazepam ethanol detox, insomnia, psychogenic catatonia, partial seizures, agitation
clonazepam RLS, neuralgia, multifocal tic disorder, parkinsonian dysarthria, bipolar disorder, burning mouth syndrome
diazepam panic disorders, short term tx of spasticity in children with CP
temazepam tx anx, adjunct in tx of depression, mgmt of panic attacks
buspirone mgmt of aggression in mental retardation, major depression, premenstrual syndrome
sertraline eating disorders, GAD, impulse control disorders, tx mild dementia-associated agitation in nonpsych pts
escitalopram tx of mild dementia associated agitation in nonpsych pts
fluoxetine selective autism, tx of mild dementia assoc agitation in non-psych pts, PTSD
citalopram tx mild dementia associated agitation in non-psych pts, smoking cessation, ethanol abuse, OCD, diabetic neuropathy
venlafaxine OCD, hot flashes, neuropathic pain, ADHD, PTSD
paroxetine eating disorders, impulse control disorders, OCD in children, vasomotor symp in menopause, tx mild dementia assoc agitation in non-psych pts
duloxetine tx of stress incontinence
amitriptyline analgesic for certain chronic and neuropathic pain, prophylaxis against migraine HA, PTSD, children depressive disorders
bupropion ADHD, depression assoc w/ bipolar disorder
mirtazapine PTSD
quetiapine autism, delirium in critically ill, psychosis/agitation related to azheimers dementia
aripiprazole depression w psychoric features, children aggression or conduct disorder, tourette syndrome, psych related to alzheimers
risperidone tx tourettes disorder, tx pervasive dvpt disorder, psychosis/agitation related to alzheimers demntia, PTSD
Created by: steponmegrace