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Poppy and Rye

Reading Olympics Book 2012 - 2013

Ch 1: What happened to the brook? It was very muddy and deeper than before.
What had caused the Brook to over flow? A dam built by beavers.
Who did Clover and Valerian see and meet? Caster P. or Cas for short.
What construction does Cas run? Canad and Co. Their motto is Progress Without Pain.
Ch 2 - pg7 Who was Poppy? Poppy was a deer mouse who had a pink nose, a long tail and big ears with an earring on one.
pg7: Who was Poppy's friend? Ereth, a porcupine was Poppy's friend.
pg9 : Why did Poppy want to Ragweed's parents house really bad? Since Ragweed was Poppy's fiance but then an owl, Mr. Ocax killed Ragweed. So she wanted to tell his parents about it.
pg 9. Who did Poppy want to go on the adventure with? Ereth. But he did not want to come.
pg 11. What did Poppy decide to do? She decided to go alone.
pg 12-13. What made Ereth join Poppy on her adventure? Poppy told Ereth, "I'm sorry for asking you come since you are so old". This upset him so he wanted to prove Poppy wrong.
Ch3. Why did Ereth not know where the brook was even though he pretty much knew the whole forests? Since there are tons of brooks in the forest. Not just one.
Where does Ereth like to sleep in? in trees. But not just any tree. It has to be the right height, has to be comfy and has to smell right.
What did Ereth tell Poppy? That when Poppy tells Ragweed's parents about what happened to Ragweed, he is not going to be there.
Ch 4 : What was happening to the brook? It was over flowing.
So what did valerian do? He went up and asked Cas how big he was going to make the dam and if he wanted to drive him and his family away. Cas said that they were going to make it huge and also asked Val if he was a good guy. Val said yes. Cas said glad we could have you around.
What did Val and his family have to do? move. They found a home on a hill and a large looking boulder on the roof.
Ch 5:Who did Curdeylock and Thistle think was the bravest? Ragweed.
What did Rye get dared to do? Talk to the beavers.
What did Clara Canad say? That they had a right to build their dam since there was no sign that said mice only.
Ch 6:who did Rye wish to be like? Ragweed.
What did Rye do? He wrote a note goodbye and left his house.
Where was Rye headed to? east
Ch 7: How is it in the beavers dam? It was hot and humid inside the dam but they had a small vent whole.
What was the bad news Cas had told everyone? That Rome wasn't built in a day either.
What else did Cas want with the pond and dam? A name.
What name did they come up with? Canad's Cute Condos.
Ch 8: After a long time what did Poppy want to? She wanted to dance.
What did she see while she was dancing? A mouse that looked like Ragweed.
What did he do? He asked Poppy to dance with her and they did.
Who was it that danced with Poppy? Rye.
Did anyone notice Rye was gone when he came back? No.
Ch 9:What did Poppy find? She found a pond with a brook.
What started to happen when they saw the pond? It started raining.
Why was Ereth angry? Since he thought he was Poppy's best friend.
Who did Poppy see by the pond? A female golden mouse named Thistle.
How did Thistle react when she heard that Poppy knew Ragweed? She was very excited.
How did Poppy feel when she was about to tell everyone about Ragweed? Super sad and filled with emotion.
When she looked at Rye what happened? His face was filled with grief and he fling himself out of the tunnel.
Ch 10: Who does Ereth hate? Ragweed.
Why did Ereth think Poppy was mean? Since he thought she abandoned him.
What happened to Ereth when he left his tree? He got lost.
Ch 11: What did Cas like a lot? When he said "It never rains but it should do it a lot."
What did Cas want? A lake.
What else did Cas think he could make? An ocean.
Ch 12: how did clover feel? Miserable. All she did was stare into space.
What did the children do so that they could make their parents happy? Everything their parents do like making meals and minding the infants.
What did Poppy do while everyone was crying? She was standing there and asked Thistle about Rye.
After receiving the earring of Ragweed, what did they do? They gave it back to Poppy.
Ch 13: What happened to Rye ever since he danced with Poppy? He had fallen in love with her but then he found out that Poppy loved Ragweed and Rye was sad.
What did Rye of to impress Poppy? He jumped in the lake and tried to get inside the dam.
Who did Rye see once he got in the lodge? Mr. Canad.
Ch 14: When Ereth got back to the tree Poppy told him to stay in who did he see? No one. Not even Poppy.
What happened to Ereth while he thought about Poppy? He missed her more.
How does Ereth feel about Poppy? That she was always good natured, kind,and brave.
Ch 15:What did Cas say when rye said that they could have drowned if they stayed? He said that life is not always the way you want it and that life is not a rose garden.
What did Rye think of himself after Cas left to decide what to do with him? He thought he was a fool.
Where was Rye kept? In a cage of wood.
What new name had Cas come up with? Lake Canad.
Ch 16: What did Poppy see? A beaver which just got out of the pond and was heading this way.
What did Poppy find out from Cas? That Rye went inside the lodge.
What did Cas tell Poppy? That they have to move again or they will drown and that Cas will make the pond go over the bolder.
Ch 17: When Poppy told the news what happened? All the little ones started to go crazy.
Who did Poppy want to be with? Rye.
What did Poppy make to try to save Rye? A raft.
Ch 18: How many "islands" did Poppy see? A lot but they turned out to be beavers.
What did Poppy find to get in the dam? A hole at the top of the dam.
Where did she end up? In a room full of sleeping beavers.
What did she find in the room ? She saw the cage which Rye was in and even saw him curled up in a ball.
How did Poppy get down? Using vines.
Ch 19:What did Rye say to Poppy? That she is splendid.
What did Rye do to Poppy? He kissed her hand.
What reason made Rye not come out? The branches were too tough.
What did Poppy accidentally do? She tripped over a beaver's tail.
Did the beaver wake up? No.
What did Cas find out? That one of the mice came in through the vent hole s he is going to cover it up.
Ch 20: When Poppy got in the water what happened? She almost drowned.
How did Poppy get to shore? She found a chip of wood and it helped her keep a float.
When Poppy told everyone the plan what did they say? That they thought that it wasn't a really good idea.
What defense will Poppy use to save Rye? A quill from Ereth.
Was Ereth there when Poppy went to the tree to look for him? No.
Ch 21: What does Ereth think of himself? He thinks he is handsome,smart and very young.
What does Ereth think of doing? Saying that he loves Poppy so that they can get married and she will think of him as strong, powerful and smart.
Ch 22: What did Poppy start to agree on? That saving Rye was a little too dangerous.
Who had Poppy fallen in love with? Rye.
Who also wanted to save Rye? Thistle. But as long as they had the quills for defense.
What did Valerian and Clover think should be the best for their children? That they should move on.
Which two still wanted to go even though there were no quills? Curdeylock and Thistle.
Who did they find while looking for a vine? Ereth.
What did Ereth call Poppy after she told him that she had fallen in love with Rye? He called her a traitor.
After he left what did Poppy find? Ereth's quills.
Ch 23: How did were they going to get to the dam? Using a chip big enough to carry all three of them.
After Mrs.Canad saw the trio looking for something what did she decide to do? Patrol the pond at night.
Who did Poppy and the others encounter? Clara Canad.
What happened when Mrs. Canad came? Curdeylock slipped and fell.
Who also fell? Thistle. She was trying to hit the beaver with the quill.
What kept Poppy from drowning? The vine around her neck
When Poppy called Curdeylock and Thistle's what did Poppy hear? Nothing. She didn't even hear a squeak.
While going to the vent hole what was Poppy doing? Crying.
What did Poppy see at the top of the dam? No entry way and no vent hole.
Ch 24:What did Valerian think he could do to the dam? Bust it!!
What did Valerian think of busting it with? The boulder they live under. They would do this by digging around the boulder and making it loose and giving it a shove.
What one worry did Valerian have? If they could do it all fast enough.
Ch 25: What did Poppy start doing to get in? She clawed at the mud and finally made a hole.
What was Rye doing when Poppy saw him? He was gnawing on the cage.
What had Rye worked on? A poem about Poppy.
What did Poppy and Rye finally do? Snap open the twig that Rye chewed half on.
When Poppy and Rye were about to escape what happened? A beaver yelled mice on the loose!
Ch 26:What happened to Thistle? She let herself think below the water's surface and swam away. After she went above she found Curdeylock.
What did Thistle think happened? That Poppy drowned.
What happened while Valerian was talking to Clover about what happened to the trio? A mouse yelled beavers are attacking!
How did the mice defend themselves? Thistle and Curdeylock started poking sticks into the beaver's feet real hard.
What did Mr.Canad do to Thistle and Curdeylock when they were about to attack. He whacked them with his tail.
Who came when the mice were ready? Ereth. He fought the beavers and wanted to see Poppy.
What did Ereth do to Mr.Canad? He slapped him across the face with his prickly tail and Cas ran away.
Did the plan work out? Yes.
Ch 27:What were Poppy and Rye going to do? They were going to meet at the water entrance and swim back together.
How did Poppy and Rye escape? Right when the boulder hit the dam the water cleared out, Poppy and Rye ran across the mud and got back.
Ch 28: A week after the beavers were gone what happened? Rye and Poppy and got married.
What did Poppy do to Ereth? She kissed him on the nose.
What did Rye announce? That he and Poppy will go back to Dimwood forest.
What did Ereth never do? Wash his nose.
Created by: akbasu


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