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Father's Day Words/

Honor (Noun) Honorary;Fairness
Exellence (Noun) State of Excelling
Contrary (Adjective) Character; Mutually
Expection (Noun) The state of looking forword
Effectively (Adjective) Adequate to accomplish
Obligations (Noun) Bound or Obliged to do certain things.
Bureaucrat (Noun) An Official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.
Expectant (Noun) Having Expectations; Expecting
Margin (Noun) A Limit In Captivity
Critical (Adjective) Occupied with or skilled in criticism
Glorify (Verb) To Cause to be or treat as being More Splendid, Excellent
Descended To go or pass from a higher to a lower place; move or come down.
Empathy (Noun) The Intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing the feelings, thoughts, attitudes of another.
Chaos A state of Utter Confusion or disorder.
Pomp (Noun) Stately or Splendid Display; Splendor; magnificence.
Foundation (Noun) The Natural or Prepared Ground or base on which some structure rests.
Ethic (Noun) A Complex of Moral Precepts held or rules of conduct.
Heroic (adjective) Sutiable to character of a hero in size or concept; daring noble.
Penalty (Noun) A Loss, forfeiture, suffering, or the like , to which one subjects oneself by Nonfulfillment of some obligation.
Circumstances(Noun) An Unessential or secondary accompaniment of any fact or event; Minor detail.
Impose (Verb) to put or set by or as if by authority.
Oppurtunity (Noun) A Situation or condition favrable for achievemet.
Created by: Brockington101