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Chapter 4-6 Vocab

Oxford Latin Course (No quantity marks)

adest he/she is present
curat he/she cares, looks after
accedit he/she approaches
procedit he/she goes forward
surgit he/she rises
dormit he/she sleeps
venit he/she comes
clamat he/she shouts
dat he/she gives
rogat he/she asks
spectat he/she watches
iacet he/she lies (down)
respondet he/she answers
dicit he/she says
emit he/she buys
ponit he/she places, puts
tradit he/she hands over
advenit he/she arrives
facit he/she makes, does
debeo (debere) i ought, must
deceo (docere) i teach
iubeo (iubere) i order
constituo (constituere) i decide
dimmito (dimmittere) i dismiss, send away
iudo (iudere) i play
scribo (scribere) i write
cupio (cupere) i desire, want
eo (ire) i go
exeo (exire) i go out
magnus, -a, -um big
miser, misera, miserum miserable
multus, -a, -um many
unus, -a, -um one
duo, duae, duo two
tres, tria three
alius, alia, aliud another
bonus, -a, -um good
malus, -a, -um bad
ceteri, ceterae, cetera the others
meus, -a, -um my
tuus, -a, -um your
cur? why?
diu for a long time
iam now, already
lente slowly
saepe often
tandem at once
celeriter quickly
iterum again
statim at once
diligenter hard, carefully
amicus friend
ludus school
hortus garden
ianua door
littera a letter
domus home
domum (to) home
magister master
eos, eas them
ille, illa he, she
quid? what?
ego I
me (acc) me
tu you
quod because
ubi when
nec/neque and not, nor
nec...neque neither...nor
itaque and so
cum with
in in,on
per through, throughout
prope near
te (acc) you
Created by: sammysanghera