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JPN 411 - Quiz 4

Japanese 411 Quiz 4

じじょう Circumstances, state of Things, reasons
ちょきん Savings, deposit
でんきだい Electric Charge/bill
ガスだい (Propane/natural) Gas charge/bill
じどうはんばいき Vending Machine
つうわ A (telephone) call
しないつうわ Local call
しが/いつうわ Long distance call
ようしき Foreign, western-style
わしき Japanese style
じゅしんりょう TV fee
ゆうりょう Charging a fee (not free)
けんこう Health
しんだん Diagnosis (Of medical exam)
じゅうたく House, residence
こくど A country/territory
かぎ(られる) Being limited to...
しゅうへん Circumference
も(ち)いえ One's own house (house you own)
きょじゅう Residence
くうかん Space/room
いっこだ(て) Attached house
しきち Lot, building site
めんせき An area
ぜんこく The whole country
へいきん An average
そうむちょう The management and coordination agency
とうけい Statistics
きょり A distance
せつび Equipment, facilities
そろえる To prepare
きょうつうてん Something in Common
そういてん Point of difference
じゅうたくじょうほうし Housing information magazine
しゃかいじん Member of society
ぶっけん Apartment for rent, house for sale
ふどうさんや Real estate agent/agency
しょざいち The seat (of); a location
かんりひ(きん) Upkeep (fee)
ちく 例: 築10年 Years since a house was built (Built 10 years ago)
しききん Deposit fee
れいきん Renumeration, reward (given to property owner as thanks for renting place)
といあわせ An inquiry
もよりえき Closest station
てつけきん Deposit, Reservation fee
ほしょうきん Security, deposit   (れいきん+しききん)
きょうどう Share (bathroom, kitchen)
しゅうり Repair
けいやく Contract
まどりず Floor plan
ひあたり (がいい・わるい) Sun (Lots/little)
ほしょうにん A guarantor, surety
いんかん One’s seal impression
かかす To miss; to fail to~
やめし Owner of a house
まずつける To hurt, damage
ちゅうかいてすうりょう Brokerage
よさん Budget
とほ On foot
いない Within less than
Created by: LadyZombie