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life science qt

1st quarter test lfs

chlorine cl
calcium ca
lysis break down distroy
cyto cell
lyso break down distroy
cyte cell
homo same
therm heat
multi many
zoa animal
zoo animal
uni one
adipo fat
kary nucleus
itis inflammation of
lipo fat
gluco sugar
ecto out
anemo wind
anti against
anthrop human
auto self
dict speak
ectomy removal of
meter to measure
micro small
ology study of
scope instrument to see with
troph feed
tele far away
hetero diffrent
archae old anchient
arthro joint
chloro green
chromo color
bi two
circum around
peri around
crani skull
eco home habitat
e out
exo out
photo light
carbon c
nitrogen n
oxygen o
neon ne
aluminum al
sulfur s
nickel ni
helium he
phosphorus p
ab away
ad to toward near
bio life
trans change across
florine f
copper cu
gold au
lead pb
argon ar
iron fe
zinc zn
tin sn
radon rn
potassium k
morph structure
ante before in front of
a not without lack of
an not without lack of
eu good true easy
sodium na
endo inside
hygrogen h
magnesium mg
mercury hg
mag large
mega large
post after
pre before in front of
silver ag
inter between
poly many
pro before in front of