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Pharm 4

chap 24

DrugClassIndicationMechanismsSide effetcsDifferent
Entacapone Parkinsons enhance effectiveness of levodopa stabilize dopamine levels diarrhea,nausea
bromocriptine dopamine receptor agonist advanced cases of Parkinson's directly activate dopamine receptors nausea(stimulated dopamin receptor),confusion,dyskinesias,sedation,vivid dreams,hallucinations advanced parkinsons, in people with wear of and on-off effects
Pramipexole dopamine receptor agonist delay the need for levodopa in early Parkinson's,restless legs syndrome,paraesthesia,reduce "off" period and decrease the levodopa dosage requirement dizziness,hallucinations,insomnia,nausea,vomiting,sedation
ropinirole dopamine receptor agonist restless legs syndrome,paraesthesia same as pramipexole transdermal patch preparation
benztropine, trihexyphenidyl acetylcholine receptor antagonist early and advance Parkinsons's disease anticholinergic,muscarinic receptors agitation,confusion,constipatino, delirium,dry mouth,memory loss,urinary retention,tachycardia more effective in reducing tremors than in other magnifestation of parkinson
donepezil centrally acting cholinesterase inhibitors alzheimer's disease (slow the deterioration of cognitive function) inhibits choninesterase in CNS and increases acetylcholine levels bradycardia,diarrhea,GI bleeding,nausea and vomiting;
tacrine first centrally acting cholinesterase in Alzheimers Alzheimer's bradycardia,diarrhea,GI bleeding,nausea and vomiting; urinary incontinence, diarrhea,hepatotoxicity lower bioavailability and shorter half-live than donepezil
Rivastigmine,galantamine reversible choninesterase inhibitors Alzheimers bradycardia,AV block,nausea,vomiting,anorexia,weight loss transdermal
memantine noncompetitive antagonist at (NMDA) receptor Alzheimer
interferon beta-1b relapsing forms of MS immunomodulator chills,diarrhea,fever,headache,hypertensino,myalgia,pain,vomiting
baclofen antispatic drugs MS, ALS dizzeness, fatigue,weakness,
prednisone adrenal corticosteroid drugs MS antiinflammatory activity, shorten the duration of exacerbations,ameliorate symptoms, decreasing edema aggravation of diabetes mellitus, GI bleeding, moo d changes, pancreatitis, seizures orally or parenterally
riluzole first drug approved for ALS ALS prolong time before pt require a tracheotomy, prolong life 3 months, inhibit voltage-gated sodium channels asthenia,diarrhea,dizziness,drowsiness,incresed hepatic enzyme levels,nausea,vomiting,paresthesia,vertigo more effective in those with bulbar-onset disease than in those with limb-onset disease
gabapentin antiepileptic drug ALS ataxia,dizziness,drowsiness,nystagmus,tremor
levodopa Parkinson's Parkinson’s disease & parkinsonian symptoms increase dopamine levels by increase dopamin synthesis Nausea & vomiting, Orthostatic ,hypotension, Cardiac arrhythmias, Dyskinesias, Hallucinations & distorted thinking "wear-off" effect, "on-off"phenomenon; precursors of dopamine
selegiline (rasagiline) Parkinson's, MOA-B early or mild Parkinson's, adjunct with levodopa - carbidopa combination inhibit dopamine breakdown confusion,dyskinesias,hallucination,hypotension,insomnia,nausea
carbidopa Parkinson's increase levodopa level ->increase dopamine synthesis, reduce "wear-off" effect inhibits LAAD levodopa carbidopa combination
Amantadine Parkinson's prevent and treat influenze, early or mild Parkinson's, adjunct to levodopa increase the release of dopamine sedation,restlessness,vivid dreams,nausea,dry mouth,hypotension,"livedo reticularis (reddish-blue mottling of skin with edema) better tolerated than levodopa, but less effective
Created by: prinluu