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Pre-test questions

Communicable diseases in a pandemic state is known to? Exist in a wide area
Indirect disease transmission (or contact) can be a result of a: Inanimate object, and Fomite.
A symptomatic carrier can be best described as: Shows signs or symptoms of a disease
Vehicle is often described as: Vector, Fomite, A means of infection
Encephalitis causes: Inflammation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord.
What is the common source of transmission for Hepatitis A? Milk, Water, Shellfish
What is the typical onset time of Hepatitis A? 6 weeks
Rabies is caused by? A virus
Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were implicated in causing: Yellow Fever
Today A.I.D.S in the U.S. can be commonly transmitted by: Unprotected sexual relations.
Cholera can be transmitted by: Food and water: Lettuce, Ice, Seafood.
Botulism bacteria prefer to thrive in what type of environment? Anaerobic conditions
Bubonic plague is caused by what? Caused by an infected oriental rat flea
The pneumonic stage of plague is more contagious than the bubonic stage? T/F True
Classic foodborne intoxication often shows fever as one of the sysmptoms. T/F False
Classic foodborne infections often shows: Fever
Tuberculosis incubates and shows lesions in a human host for an average of: 4 to 6 weeks
Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease which can affect which host? Rats
The Q-fever organism is highly resistant to: Heat
Lymes disease common vector is the: Tick
Red tide can cause: P.S.P Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
Friable asbestos means: Easily crumbles
Carbon monoxide commonly occurs when: Unburned fossil fuels
The minimum horizontal distance from a well to a sewer line is: 50 feet for california
The definition of turbidity is: Cloudiness of water, highly concentrated bacteria in a sample of water, extremely hard water.
1% is the same value as: 10,000 ppm
Bio-hazardous waste can include Infectious waste and Medical Waste
The primary concern of the green house effect is: Increase carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere, and depletion of the ozone layer, increase in the earth's mean temperature.
Landfill and sewage sludge digestion produce: Methane and carbon dioxide
Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is caused by what organism? E. coli 0157:H7
3 identical sounds of 100 dB = 104.8 dB
What type of radiation does Radon emit? Alpha radiation
Sound pressure levels is expressed in what units? Decibels
Permissible Exposure Limits: Are enforceable
Cosmic Radiation can Raise background radiation
Using ear plugs to control noise is: The last step in noise control
Which dosimeter gives quick readings? Pocket chamber
Normal classroom lighting requires 50 foot candles
T.D.S. is checked by: Naphalometric device
Catalytic converts depend on: Noble metals, Heat, and Carbon monoxide
Upwind and down wind scenarios relies on Wind direction
Microwaves affect what human organs first: Gonads and Eyes
X-rays and gamma rays are High level energy forms
A lambert is defined as Reflected surface light
SCBA's average use is how long? 30 minutes
Secchi disk is used to do what? Check turbidity
Excessively soft water can increase what? Lead and Copper
Flocculants do what? Aid in the sedimentation process
Haz-Mat waste requires what form? Manifest
The current M.P.N test is: Coli-lert
A diagonal jet is a ? Water fountain
A pool has 600 square feet. Calculate the occupancy load. 30 people; Pool Occupancy = Area/20
A spa has 100 cubic feet of water, how many gallons is that? 748 gallons; Conversion factor is 1 cubic ft=7.48 gallons
A square pool measures 10 feet on each side. The depth is 7 feet. Calculate the volume in gallons: 5236 gallons. Square pool total gallons = L X W X H X 7.48
Jail house fever vector is? Louse
Plasmodium falciparum is? Mosquito
Aniskiasis can be attributed to? Eating raw fish
Active immunity is best described as: Immunity is formed by a former infection and formed by the body.
For the most common port of infection, gastrointestinal disease is ranked: 2nd
People with untreated cholera suffer from: Circulatory collapse, severe dehydration, electrolyte loss
Bubonic plague vector is: X. cheopis
Deerflies prefer to breed in? Calm waters
Toxins produced after the bacteria is called? Endotoxin
Octave wave band analyzers test? Different frequencies of sound
Heat labile toxins are? Denatured after proper heating (protein based)
Staphylococcus aureus: Picnic organism (in summer)
The most common occupational disease is: Dermatitis
Proper hand washing requires: Warm water, Antibacterial soap, Proper lathering
Define Quarantine When you don't know what the disease is
Brucella organism can be tested with? Blue ring milk test
Historically, this killed many of Napoleon's troops Rickettsia prowazeki variation prowazeki
A "bulls-eye" type of wound is caused by? Lyme disease
The vector for yellow fever is? Aedes mosquito
To disinfect tools suspected with anthrax Formalin solution for 4 hours at 110 degrees F
A nosocomial infection means? Hospital acquired infection
Vibrio vulnificus can be lethal to? People with chronic liver problems
Bacillus cereus is commonly implicated in: Cooked rice and grains
Ammonia can be used for: Cleaning, detecting chlorine leak, and found in outer space
The minimum water heater temperature ina restaurant is? 120 degrees F
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