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ADN 2 CH 55


alopecia: loss of hair from any cause
dermatosis: any abnormal skin condition
erythema: redness of the skin caused by congestion of the capillaries
hirsutism: the condition of having excessive hair growth
hyperpigmentation: increase in the melanin of the skin, resulting in an increase in pigmentation
hypopigmentation: decrease in the melanin of the skin, resulting in a loss of pigmentation
keratin: an insoluble, fibrous protein that forms the outer layer of skin
Langerhans cells: dendritic clear cells in the epidermis that carry surface receptors for immunoglobulin and complement and that are active participants in delayed hypersensitivity of the skin
melanin: the substance responsible for coloration of the skin
melanocytes: cells of the skin that produce melanin
Merkel cells: cells of the epidermis that play a role in transmission of sensory messages
petechiae: pinpoint red spots that appear on the skin as a result of blood leakage into the skin
rete ridges: undulations and furrows that appear at the dermis–epidermis junction and are responsible for cementing together the two layers
sebaceous glands: glands that exist within the epidermis and secrete sebum to keep the skin soft and pliable
sebum: fatty secretion of the sebaceous glands
telangiectases: red marks on the skin caused by distention of the superficial blood vessels
vitiligo: a localized or widespread condition characterized by destruction of the melanocytes in circumscribed areas of the skin, resulting in white patches
Wood’s light: a blue light used for diagnosing skin conditions
Created by: xsavier1