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Latin Flashcards

1a, ab, abs1 1from, by
1ac, atque 1and, also, as, than
1accipiō, ere, cēpī, ceptus 1receive, accept; learn, hear, conceive
1 Acestēs, ae m. 1king in Sicily
1Aenēās, ae, acc. ān, m. 1Trojan prince, son of Venus and Anchises, hero of the Aeneid
1ad 1to, toward, at, near, about (acc.)
1adfore; adforem, ēs, et see adsum adsum, esse, fuī be present, assist
aequor, oris n. sea, waves; (level) plain
age, agite (agō) up! come! lead on!
agmen, inis n. army, line, troop; course
agō, ere, ēgī, āctus lead, drive, do, treat, pass, conduct
ajō, ais, ait; ajunt say, speak, assert
alius, a, ud other, another, else
altus, a, um (on) high, lofty, deep
amor, ōris m. love, desire, passion
Anchīsēs, ae, acc. ēn, m. Trojan prince, father of Aeneas
anima, ae f. air, breath, life, soul, shade
animus, ī m. soul, spirit, breath, cour- age; anger, pride; purpose, thought
ante before (acc.); sooner, previously
antīquus, a, um ancient, old, aged, for- mer, of olden times, time-honored
āra, ae f. altar
ardeō, ēre, arsī, arsus burn, be eager
arma, ōrum n. arms, equipment, tools
arvum, ī n. plowed land, field, region
arvum, ī n. plowed land, field, region
arx, arcis f. citadel, fort; height, hill
arx, arcis f. citadel, fort; height, hill
āter, tra, trum black, gloomy, deadly
atque, ac and, also; as, than
audiō, īre, īvī (iī), ītus hear (of), hear- ken
aura, ae f. breeze, air; favor; light
aurum, ī n. gold (object, equipment)
aut or, either; aut ... aut either ... or
bellum, ī n. war(fare), combat, fight
caelum, ī n. sky, heaven; weather
campus, ī m. plain, field, level surface
capiō, ere, cēpī, captus take, seize, catch; captivate; deceive; occupy
caput, itis n. head; summit; life, per- son
cāsus, ūs m. chance, (mis)fortune; fall
cernō, ere, crēvī, crētus discern, per- ceive, understand, decide; fight
circum around, about, at, near (acc.)
clāmor, ōris m. shout, roar, applause
classis, is f. fleet, army, ship
comes, itis m. (f.) comrade, follower
conjūnx, jugis m. (f.) husband, wife
corpus, oris n. body, corpse, form
cum (conj.) when, while, since, al- though
cum (prep.) with (abl.)
cūnctus, a, um all, whole, entire
cūra, ae f. care, anxiety, grief; love
cursus, ūs m. course, running; haste
Danaus, a, um Danaan, Greek
dē (down, away) from, of, concerning, according to (abl.)
dea, ae f. goddess
deus, ī m. god, divinity, Deity
dexter, (e)ra, (e)rum right (hand); favor- able; f. subst. right hand
dīcō, ere, dīxī, dictus say, speak, tell, call, name, describe, chant
dictum, ī n. word, speech, command
Dīdō, ōnis f. legendary founder and queen of Carthage
diēs, diēī m. (f.) day, time, season
dīvus, a, um divine, heavenly, deified; subst. divinity, god, goddess
dō, dare, dedī, datus give (forth), grant, allow, bestow; put, place, make
domus, ūs f. house(hold), home, abode; family, race, line
dōnum, ī n. gift, offering, prize, reward
dūcō, ere, dūxī, ductus 1lead, draw (out), protract; produce; think
dum 1while, as long as, until, provided
ē, ex 1out of, from, according to (abl.)
ego, meī (pl. nōs, nostrum) 1 I
eō, īre, īvī (iī), itus 1go, proceed, come
equus, ī m. 1horse, steed, charger
ēripiō, ere, uī, reptus 1 snatch (from), tear away; rescue; hasten
errō (1) 1stray, wander, err; linger
et 1and, also, even, too; et ... et both ... and
ex, ē 1 out of, from, according to (abl.)
faciō, ere, fēcī, factus 1do, make, per- form; grant, offer; suppose
1fāma, ae f. 1fame, report, reputation
fāre, fārī; fātur; fātus, a, um 1see for
fātum, ī n. 1fate, destiny, doom; oracle
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātus 1bear, endure; wear; report, say; carry (off), plunder; extol; tend; grant, offer
ferrum, ī n. 1iron; sword, weapon, tool
fessus, a, um 1tired, weary, feeble, worn
fīnis, is m. (f.) 1end, limit, border; coun- try; goal; starting-place
flamma, ae f. 1 flame, fire, torch; love
flūctus, ūs m. 1wave, tide, flood, sea
for, fārī, fātus 1speak, say, tell, utter
fors, fortis f. 1chance, fortune, hap
fortūna ae f. 1fortune, chance, luck
fuga, ae f. 1flight, haste, exile, speed
fugiō, ere, fūgī 1 flee (from), escape, shun
fundō, ere, fūdī, fūsus 1 pour (out), shed; lay low, slay, rout; extend
furō, ere, uī 1 rage, rave,be frantic
futūrus, a, um 1future, destined (to be), impending, about to be; see sum
geminus, a, um 1twin, double, two
genitor, ōris m. 1begetter, father, sire
gēns, gentis f. 1 clan, race, nation, herd
genus, eris n. 1birth, origin, race; descen- dant; kind, family
habeō, ēre, uī, itus have, hold; consider
haud 1not, by no means, not at all
heu alas! 1ah! ah me!
hīc (adv.) 1 here, there, hereupon
hic, haec, hoc 1this, that; he, she, it
hinc 1from this place, hence, thence
honōs (or), ōris m. 1honor, glory, reward; offering, sacrifice; charm, grace
hūc 1to this place, hither, here
īdem, eadem, idem 1 same, the same
ignis, is m. 1fire, flame, light, lightning, star; passion, love, fury, wrath
1ille, la, lud 1 that (famous); he, she, it
immānis, e 1huge, monstrous, enormous, mighty, dreadful, cruel, atrocious
imperium, (i)ī n. 1command, power, do- minion, rule, sway, mastery, realm(s)
īmus, a, um superl. of īnferus
in 1in, on, in the case of, among (abl.); into, against, until, toward (acc.)
īnfēlīx, īcis 1unfortunate, accursed, un- happy, ill-omened, unlucky, wretched
īnferus, a, um 1 low, below, underneath
ingēns, entis 1 enormous, mighty, huge
inter 1between, among, during (acc.)
ipse, sa, sum 1 (him, her, it)self; very
īra, ae f. 1wrath, rage, anger, passion
is, ea, id 1this, that; he, she, it
Ītalia, ae f. 1Italy
jam 1now, already, finally, at once
jubeō, ēre, jussī, jussus 1 command, order, bid, enjoin (upon), urge
Jūnō, ōnis f. 1queen of the gods
Juppiter, Jovis m. 1king of the gods
jussī; jussus, a, um see jubeo
lābor, ī, psus 1slip (by), slide, glide (by), descend; fail; faint, fall, perish; flow
labōs (or), ōris m. 1labor, hardship, task
lacrima, ae f. 1tear, compassion
laetus, a, um happy; fertile; fat, sleek
līmen, inis n. threshold, doorway, entrance; abode; shrine; palace
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