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Martin's Macbeth Voc

All 5 Acts

Difficult or adverse situation Plight
Intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy Disdain
A utensil for sifting or straaining Sieve
Not significant; frivolous Trifling
Immoral, lewd Wanton
To deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm Beguile
To send away with promptness or speed; speed, quickness Dispatch
Possessed of controlling power Sovereign
Innocent, wholesome, angelic Cherubic
Loud noise or shouting Clamor
To quiet or put down a disturbance Quell
A plea; an earnest request Entreaty
To make greater or to supplement Augment
Agreeable to the taste; acceptable Palatable
One who keeps guard, as a sentry Sentinel
Acting in a secret and sneaky way Stealthy
To extinguish, to put out; to relieve with liquid Quench
To mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner Lamenting
Capable of burning Combustible
Difficult to see, vague Obscure
Very ugly, offensive, shocking Hideous
Done with speed and efficiency Expeditious
Desire to harm others Malice
Justified Warranted
Future generations, all descendants of a person Posterity
To grant or to give Bestow
To intimidate, to dismay Daunt
Bitter deep-seated ill will, enmity Rancor
To seclude or to confine Cloister
Kind, compassionate, sympathetic and considerate Humane
To express by speaking Utter
Profound knoledge, intellectual depth Profoundity
Ill will or evil intentions Malevolence
To be sorry for, to regret Rue
Very irritating Galling
Skillful, adroit Deft
Powerful, having a strong effect Potent
Characterized by a decided purpose Resolute
Conquered, overpowered Vanquished
Meaningless sounds, babble Prattle
Plain or unattractive in appearance Homely
Deserted, without inhabitants, barren Desolate
Estimate of value; approval and respect often blended with fondness Esteem
Greed for wealth Avarice
Pleasurable to the senses, sensuous Voluptuous
Believing on slight evidence; gullible Credulous
To reestablish friendship, to resolve a dispute Reconcile
To set apart for sacred use, to make holy, to purify Sanctify
To humiliate, to wound pride, to experience shame Mortify
State of being forgotten Oblivion
Something that relieves the effects of poison Antidote
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