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W. Step 2.2

2.2 words and definitions

What is a split? crack
What is the opposite of slow? fast
What is a piece of material? cloth
A faucet that leaks slowly has a ... drip
What is the opposite of the future? past
What is another word for branch? stick
What is a slow gallop called trot
To take is to grab
A slight smile is a grin
We use a tent to go and camp
A type of amphibian that eats flies frog
To eat chips you munch
Another word for bump is lump
To pull the peddles off of a flower is to pluck
If you are embarrassed you might blush
Another word for happy is glad
You are not allowed to wear this at the Halloween dance mask
A group of geese is called a flock
To chew gum loudly is to chomp
To close the door loudly is to slam
The opposite of bumpy is flat
The past tense of flee fled
The opposite of pick up is drop
A dog does this when he's hot and tired pant
A popular word you tell your parents when they ask what you did at school. stuff
At the end of each chapter in science and social studies you have tests
If you play a percussion instrument in the band you play the drums
Heavy winds that blows sporadically gusts
To worry is to fret
A person who is stuck up snob
A thing displayed in a play to help the setting prop
A type of seed in high fiber breads flax
To spread rumors blab
To go on about something too long rant
To go to the dance without a date stag
To study at the last minute (this is bad!) cram
Created by: kwinkel
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