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Cleft Lip & Palate

Inheritance of Clefts... -Congential -Cause often unknown & no single factor can be identified -Majority of clefts seem to be due to environmental factors & genetic predisposition -can occur in combination with many syndromes -Linked to deletion of chrom. 22
Speech problems... velopharyngeal closure problems with cleft palate cause hypernasal; otitis media can cause phonological and articulation problems; cleft lip doesn't usually have speech problems
Language problems... language delays are common in children with otitis media
Cognitive Problems... Isolated cases don't have developmental delays; combined cases with a syndrome often do.
Hearing... cleft lip-no risk; cleft palate children are at a higher risk for conductive hearing loss if they've expereinced persistent otitis media (muscles to open and close eustachian tube in these children don't work properly)
Clinical Features... problems feeing at infancy; unilateral or bilateral; 1:600 births in U.S.AND 6800born each year; cleft lip w/out palate 2X males; cleft palate w/out lip 2X females; these children may experience social, emotional, & behavioral problems due to their diff.
Created by: 1194630055