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Latin Course

epistula letter
iacet lies
iam now
igitur therefore, and so
capit takes
convenit gathers, meets
de down from; about
it goes
legit reads
noster our
nunc now
sollicitus worried, anxious
vir man
abit goes away
quam than, how
suus his, her, their
agnoscit recognises
dies day
fert brings, carries
fugit runs away, flees
iampridem a long time ago
agebas were doing
laribus household gods
vilico farm manager, bailiff
sonos noises
perveni reached, arrived at
scio know
pavor panic
valeo i feel well
tuti safe
dea goddess
sine dubio
atra black
plurimi most
moribundus almost dead
semirutus half-collapsed
paries wall
iubeo order
superfuit has survived
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