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assuage make (unpleasant feelings) less intense
abate (of something perceived as hostile)become less intense or widespread
cogent clear, logical and convincing...a cogent argument is believable because of its clear, forceful or incisive presentation.
incisive intelligently analytical and clear-thinking; accurate and sharply focused
salient most noticeable or important
succinct briefly and clearly expressed. close to concise, but it emphasizes compression and compactness in addition to brevity
impervious not allowing anything to pass through
permeate to spread or seep through to penetrate completely
conducive contributive, helping to bring about.
sagacious wise, discerning
cognizant aware; conscious
acute sharp, shrewd
urbane poised, sophisticated, refined
adroit skillful, dexterous, clever, shrewd, socially at ease
replete completely filled; abounding
myriad a huge, indefinitely large number
copious abundant, pentiful
dearth extreme scarcity or shortage
paucity scarcity but not like dearth
plethora an excess overabundance; judgement implied in suggesting quantity is excessive
pervasive having spread widely present throughout
immutable unchangeable
inherent part of the essential nature of something
ubiquitous a condition of being everywhere at the same time
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