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Pharm 4

chap 23

DrugClassIndicationsSide effectsDifferences
Oxycodone Strong opioid moderate and severe pain DON'T Crush Oxycontin
Meperidine Strong opioid moderate and severe pain (oral),obstetric or postsurgical analgesic (parenteral), short-term of acute pain overdose: CNS excitation,convulsion,tremors
Codeine, Hydrocondone Moderate opioid mild to moderate pain,cough constipation not for pregnant,breast-feeding mom,nursing mothers; used in combination with NSAIDs (aspirin,acetaminophen)
butorphanol mixed opioid, kappa opioid at mu receptor preoperative and postoperative analgesia, obstetric analgesia during labor and delivery, moderate to severe pain Anxiety, hallucinations, nightmares nasal spray, parenteral
pentazocine mixed opioid, kappa, at sigma receptor moderate to severe pain severe cardiovascular effects,Anxiety, hallucinations, nightmares
pentazocine/ naloxone mixed opioid,naloxone: opioid reversal agent moderate to severe pain, discourage parentaral abuse of pentazocine Anxiety, hallucinations, nightmares IV only, included in oral opioid to prevent IV use
naloxone opioid antagonist treatment of opioid overdose formulated with opioid agonist to prevent crusing of the pill, short halflife =>give repeated doses
naltrexone opioid antagonist for those with alcohol and opioid dependence (addicts) contrast with naloxone, high bioavailability
Tramadol other opioid agonist, mu receptors moderate pain, chronic pain syndromes, seizure minimal cardiovascular and respiratory depression unique dual-action analgesic
Dextromethorphan other opioid agonists cough (antitussive effect)
Diphenoxylate, loperamide other opioid agonist diarrhea
Morphine Strong opioid severe pain associated with trauma, MI and cancer prolong labor
Fentanyl Strong opioid, adjunct to general anesthesia severe or chronic pain less nausea than morphine, truncal rigidity most potent opiod agonists available; long-acting transdermal skin patch
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