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Forensic Science


Police Officers- Have a general law enforcment duties
Detectives- Investigetes who gather facts for a criminal case
Crime scene investigation - oversee complex crime scene
Forensic artist- a full time artist Most agencies do not have the persoonnel to fund Individualization-Matching objects to others
FBI agents Investagate people suspeced of vioating ferderal law
Individualization- Matching objects to others
Trace evidence physical evidence that results from the transfer of small quantities of materials
Criminalist- Applies scientific principals to analyis.
Evidence- A thing or things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment
Isopropyl alcohol-A clear colorless flammable liquard. Isopropyl alcohol-A clear colorless flammable liquard.
Capillary action- The ability of a narrow tube to draw a liquard upwards
Solvent- Sudstances capable of dissolbing one or more substances
Chemical compound- A substance fromed by chimical union of 2 or more elements
Chemical elements - Any of the more than 100 know sudstances that can not be seprated.
Dermal ridges- The oringinal meaning of fingerprint
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