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Science Unit 1 Rev.

Science Unit 1 Review

What number is the Metric System based on? 10
The gram is used to measure metric ______________ Mass
To measure metric volume, the unit you would use is ________________________ Liter
If you were finding out how much space an object takes up, you'd be finiding its ______________________ Volume
The lowest point to read the water line at in a graduated cylinder is called the _____________________ Meniscus
What is the saying for the base unit Meters King Henry Drinks Milk During Cold Months Kilo Hecto Deka Meters Deci Centi Mili
What is the saying for the base unit Liters King Henry Drinks Lemonade During Cold Months Kilo Hecto Deka Liters Deci Centi Mili
What is the saying for the base unit Grams King Henry Drinks Gatorade During Cold Months Kilo Hecto Deka Grams Deci Centi Mili
The Prefixes in largest to smallest Kilo, Hecto,Deka , BASE UNIT, Deci, Centi, Mili
Metric _____________ is measured using the instrument known as the triple bean balance. Mass
Things to wear in a lab Gloves,goggles, sneakers, NO OPEN TOED SHOES
What do you do if something breaks or spills You tell an adult, walk away and warn others to be careful
Steps of the Scientific Method . Make Observations . Form an hypothesis .Design an experiment .Draw an conclusion .Rationale (why?)
If you hypothesis is wrong, you should Rethink your hypothesis
Variables Independent,Dependent and Controlled (constant)
Independent Variable A variable you can control.
Dependent Variable A variable you CANNOT control, but you observe it and measure it.
Controlled (constant) Variable A variable where you keep all of the conditions of the experiment the same.
Created by: tondog402