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Science Chapter 3

a species or form of a species that lived long ago and to which modern species may be traced back and is a ancestor
the preserved remains of an organisim that lived long ago is a fossil
a scientist whostudies fossils is a paleontologist
a species that share a common ancester and has many traits in common with other species is a relative of that species
a group of the same type of living things thaty can mate and produce living things of the same kind is a species
a major division of time is an era
a species that is at risk at dying out is an endangered species
a feature, such as a body part or behavior,is a trait
a species that has died out is called an extinct species
an extinct organisim lived 300million years ago.use the gealogical scale to see what era it lived in the organisim lived in the palezoic era
there are 10,000ducks of a species.hunters kill 50 a week.in how many weeks will the ducks become extinct 200 weeks
name two human activites that might cause a species to become extinct 1.hunting 2.pollution
because overhunting, the number of a species of a bird drops from 75 to 10.is this species endangered or extinct explain its endangered because if it was extinctn there would only be 0 left
a magazine artical tells about an extinct ancestorof a modern lions.what are some traits tjhe exticnt ancestor might have sharp tyeeth claws a main sharp meat eating teeth
suppose a fossil is found on a mountain.the animal that formed the fossil had fins,a tail,and a flat body.what evedince is there to support that the idea that the mountain was once under water the fish couldnt just magicly groiw feet and walk to the mountain
what might people do to save a species that is endangered because of dusruction of its habitat put a law up aginst hunting that animalk
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