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latin vocab section1

Vocab for section one latin 1 2012-2013

est is
pater father
mater mother
filius son
servus slave
coquus cook
canis dog
in in, on
tablinum the study
atrium atrium (reception hall)
triclinium the dining room
hortus the garden
culina the kitchen
via the street
scribit he (she, it) is writing
sedet he (she, it) is sitting
bibit he (she, it) is drinking
laborat he (she, it) is working
dormit he (she, it) is sleeping
intrat he (she, it) enters
circumspectat he (she, it) looks around
spectat he (she, it) looks at, watches
cibus food
mensa table
salit he (she, it) jumps
stat he (she, it) stands
stertit he (she, it) snores
latrat he (she, it) barks
surgit he (she, it) gets up
iratus angry
pestis pest
furcifer scoundrel
clamat he (she, it) shouts
exit he (she, it) goes out
ianua door
compluvium An opening in the roof for air, light, rain. Right above the impluvium in the atrium.
impluvium A collecting pool for rainwater. Right under the compluvium in the atrium.
lares Household gods and goddesses.
lararium A small shrine where the household gods and goddesses were worshiped.
peristylium Roofed pillars surrounding the garden. Kind of like an outdoor courthouse.
insula An apartment building.
mihi nomen est ______. my name is ______.
villa house
sella chair
patronus patron
clientes client
familia family
Created by: 2017jis